March 20
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 47; Women 23

‘A’ Medal – Ernie Royston 35pts
‘B’ Medal – Greg Christian 42pts
‘C’ Medal – Hank Phillips 41pts

Balls to 33pts c/b

4th – Reg Klein 391cm
8th – Michael Temby (Worrigee) 43cm + Jackpot
12th – Hank Phillips 62cm
16th – Col Armstrong 89cm

Medal Winner – Wendy Philips 39pts
R/up – Anne Newton 35pts c/b

Balls to 31pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Wendy Phillips 63cm
8th – Jeanette Bright 226cm
12th (2nd shot) Sue Hunter 188cm
16th (2nd shot) Anne Newton 75cm

March 13
4 Person Best 2 Scores multiplied by 3rd Score Stableford.
Field: Men 43; Women 16

1st – Peter Done, Cilff Weatherill, Reg Klein & Greg Christian – 150 pts

Balls to 128pts c/b

4th – Denis Mulvihill 439cm
8th – Trevor McCarthy 56cm + Jackpot
12th – Geoff Wilson 226cm
16th – Graeme Wearne 235cm

HOLE in ONE 17th

1st – Joyce Wallace, Nancye Massingham, Viv Mitchell & Wendy Phillips 109pts

Balls to 99pts

4th (2nd shot) Jenny Brown 88cm
8th – no winner
12th (2nd Shot) Jenny Brown 170cm
16th (2nd shot) Jan Buttle In the Hole

March 6
Pairs Special 6’s Stableford
Field: Men 50; Women 20

1st – Bruce Hammond & Darryl Campbell (Jamberoo) 64pts c/b
R/up – Hank Phillips & Col Armstrong 64pts

Balls to 52pts c/b

4th – David Smith 125cm
8th – Trevor McCarthy 214cm + Jackpot
12th – Brian Dunn (NZ) 52cm
16th – Tony Hunter 720cm

1st- Jeanette Bright & Sandra Marshall 50pts
R/up- Di Pritchard & Viv Mitchell 48pts

Balls to 35pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Joyce Wallace 14cm
8th – Sandra Marshall 720cm
12th (2nd shot) Joyce Wallace 69cm
16th (2nd shot) Sandra Marshall 121cm

February 27
2 Person Multiplier Stableford.
Field: Men 53, Women 21

1st – Darryl Campbell & Bruce Hammond 71pts (Jamberoo)
R/up – Gary Hemus & Terry Smith 70 pts (Jamberoo)

Balls to 55pts c/b

4th – Peter Done 217cm
8th – Bob Martin 127cm + Jackpot
12th – Phil Davis 690cm
16th – Terry Smith (Jamberoo) 47cm

1st – Sue Stephen s& Jenny Brown 67pts
R/up – Joyce Wallace & Jill Levi 57pts

Balls to 38pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Jenny Brown 150cm
8th – Jill Levi 690cm
12th (2nd shot) Sandra England 163cm
16th (2nd shot) Sue Stephens 0cm

February 20
4P Split Six Stableford
Field: Men 53; Women 17

1st: Bruce Brideoake, Rick Currie, Michael Shanahan & Phil Davis 84 pts.
R/Up: Terry Smith, Ian Unsworth Gary Hemus (All Jamberoo) 83pts

Balls to 79pts c/b

4th – Graham Napper 147cm
8th – Col Armstrong 85cm + Jackpot
12th – Greg Christian 401cm
16th – Graeme Wearne 510cm
9th – Eagle – Paul Williams (Wallacia)

1st: Margaret Ford, Joyce Wallace & Di Pritchard 73pts

Balls to 69pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Sandra Marshall 51cm
8th – Viv Mitchell 410cm
12th (2nd shot) Jill Levi 77cm
16th (2nd shot) Sue Stephens 70cm

February 13
Single Stableford
Monthly Medal
Irish & Shamrock Putter Trophies
Field: Men 47; Women 12

‘A’ Medal Phil Davis 41pts + Irish Putter
‘B’ Medal Jim Brown 38pts
‘C’ Medal Mike Shanahan 39pts

Balls to 32pts c/b

4th – Ray Cowden 372cm
8th – Kevin Pritchard 165cm
12th – Dennis Davis 800cm
16th – Roger Hardy 372cm

Medal Winner – Sandra England 32pts c/b + Shamrock Putter

Balls to 25pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Linda Trusler 60cm
8th – Sandra England 67cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Gloria Davis 126cm
16th – no winner

February 6
4 Person Best 3 of 4 scores Stableford
Field: Men 59; Women 24

1st: Rick Currie, Michael Shanahan, Phil Davis & Phil Reid 122pts
R/up: Charlie Beer (Links Shell Cove), Bruce Hammond, Rod Hodkinson & Darryl Campbell (All Jamberoo) 113pts c/b

Balls to 107 pts c/b.

4th – Dennis Davis 163cm
8th – Dennis Davis 258cm
12th – Gary Hemus (Jamberoo) 161cm
16th – Phil Davis 205cm

1ST – Betty Tucker, Jill Downie, Jan Buttle & Sandra England 103pts

Balls to 98 pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Pat Austin 118cm
8th – Sandra Marshall 195cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Sandra England 40cm
16th (2nd shot) Marj Burns 99cm