House Policy


  • All staff are trained in RSA
  • A register and copy of staff RSA certificates are kept by management
  • Management support staff who practice and enforce RSA


  • All staff are trained in identifying signs of undue intoxication
  • Refusal of service for unduly intoxicated patrons
  • Unduly intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave the premises
  • Staff to call a taxi so patron gets home safely
  • Staff to monitor levels of undue intoxication of all patrons
  • Management seeks to meet it duty of care obligations to all patrons


  • Minors are not permitted on premises unless accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Minors will not be served alcohol
  • Patrons procuring drinks for minors will be removed from the premises
  • All patrons are required to provide acceptable evidence of age where there is any doubt they are under 18.


  • Management encourage staff to be trained efficiently and effectively for their job
  • Management ensure all staff are Responsible Service of Alcohol trained
  • All staff have signed off and agree to work according to this published House Policy
  • Regular staff meetings are held to ensure staff are kept informed of changes in the industry.


  • We provide water either free or at a reasonable price to all patrons
  • We provide non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic content drinks
  • We encourage you to monitor and control your consumption of liquor
  • We will deter you from rapidly and excessively consuming liquor
  • We will supply liquor in standardized quantities that can be recognized by you
  • We will not serve double shots or spirits neat


  • The promotion of free liquor and multiple quantities of liquor are not promoted in these premises
  • Management do not heavily discount or offer free alcohol to encourage drinking for drinking’s sake


  • No admission to intoxicated patrons
  • If a customer is refused service, a Supervisor will politely explain to the patron that the premises can not legally serve them alcohol
  • Excluded customers can not return to the venue for 24 hours and are required by law to move more than 50 meters away from the premises
  • If an excluded person fails to comply then they are committing an offence and can be prosecuted by police

Policy Statement
Bomaderry Bowling Club is committed to the principles of Responsible Service of Alcohol, in keeping with State Laws and our Duty of Care to Members and Guests.
If a person is intoxicated, we cannot sell them alcohol, and we cannot sell alcohol to somebody else to give to them. Furthermore, it is against the law to be on club premises while intoxicated.
Definition of Intoxication: A person is able to enjoy a few drinks without being intoxicated. Intoxication is not measured by the 0.05 limit used for breath testing.
It is measured by behavior. Some indications are that an intoxicated person is having trouble speaking, standing up, or handling change. A further indicator would be loud and quarrelsome behavior.
When a situation arises that is likely to result in the refusal of service to an individual or group, the Duty Supervisor will actively manage the pending and actual refusal of service.
The club reserves the right to deny service to a group where members of the group show signs of intoxication and the group are displaying loud or unruly behavior.

A Few Guidelines to Ensure Responsible Service of Alcohol

We use the following rules to ensure that the principles of Responsible Service of Alcohol are maintained:

  1.  No Shots OR Straight Spirits to be served at any time
  2. Service of alcohol is limited to one per person after “last drinks” is called
  3. No Double Nips to be served, unless is a cocktail or drink otherwise advertised by the club to be served as a part of the ingredients list.

The Management and Directors offer full support to any staff member who has to refuse service to an individual or group in accordance with this policy.
If a Patron is Asked to Leave and does so with any concern, they should be written into the Liquor Accord Register in detail.
The patron would then receive a BAN from the venue to 24hrs, including the use of all Club facilities.

Members – If the Member’s actions are deemed to be of a significant nature, the Management of Bomaderry Bowling Club may impose Suspensions, which take effect until after fronting the Board.
Non Members – Non-members may be Indefinitely Suspended by Management.
Supervisors can Impose a Temporary Suspension on Members, which can then be reviewed by Management, on the next Business day after such an event.

Policy Wording refers to Bomaderry Bowling Club; but also infers to ” offsite “functions whereas
Bomaderry Bowling Club staff are conducting the Service of Alcohol, regardless of its address.

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