The History of Golf in Nowra From 1905

Over 100 years of golf on 4 golf courses.

1905 – about 1914 Recreation Ground Course Nowra
1930 – 1935 Princelands Course South Nowra
1935 – 1955 Aerodrome Course Braidwood Road
1955 – Grey’s Beach Course Nowra

Recreation Ground Course
Nowra bank managers Patrick C.C. Mackay (Commercial Banking Company of Sydney) and R.W. Fincham (City Bank of Sydney) called a meeting held in the Nowra School of Arts on May 25 1904 which saw Fincham become secretary/treasurer with Dr. William Olivey president.
The committee included several prominent citizens, police magistrate William Dove, solicitor Thomas Marriott, and Presbyterian Minister Rev. Robert Inglis, along with teenager Athol Leatham, a grandson of Nowra’s first white resident John Smith who was destined to serve as Nowra Mayor in 1924. The meeting set the annual subscription at 2/6 (25c), and it was initially planned to play on land owned by James Graham. The original course on the Recreation Ground started at the western end of Junction Street in what became the Added Area in 1931. The first two holes went along the western boundary of the ground, and any right handers inclined to hook could have seen their ball land in the Shoalhaven River. The 390-yard third hole started on the site now occupied by the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital. Players had to hit over Shoalhaven Street, and there were three greens in that area now covered by houses. They include the short 120 yard fifth, which was one of the two par threes. The longest hole, the 480 yard sixth ran adjacent to Shoalhaven Street. The nine holes totaled 2,660 yards, and each of the greens was protected by a fence at least 25 yards square. The earliest known female golfer locally was Barbara Grant, daughter of the long serving Presbyterian minister who died in 1948 shortly after her 100th birthday. She teamed with local monumental mason James Dudgeon to win the mixed foursome event at the first Nowra golf competition on Wednesday, April 12, 1905. That event was contested by half a dozen pairs on the Recreation Ground which then boasted a nine-hole course. Also playing in the event was Tottie Thorburn, we know from reports of inter-club golf competitions printed in the local newspapers between 1905 and 1906, that Miss Tottie Thorburn was both an active member of Nowra Golf Club as well as being an office bearer – the Associate Secretary on the club’s Executive Committee.

Dating Tottie’s clubs found in a cupboard at Meroogal

The manufacturers’ stamps and other insignia, and the fact that all the irons are smooth-faced, enabled the reliable dating of the clubs to the period between 1881 and 1906, the transition from the late Victorian to the Edwardian period, and prior to the outbreak of WWI. The four clubs include a fairway wood, known as a ‘brassie’ and manufactured by the British Golf Company Ltd. circa 1906, and three irons: a ‘mashie’ developed for the approach shot, by the British firm of J.H. Taylor during the 1890s; a ‘niblick’ (equivalent to a No 8 iron) by George Nicoll, whose clubs were highly sought after between 1881 and 1898, and the toe of which is stamped with an ‘L’ indicating it was a ladies’ club; and lastly, an iron made by USA Connecticut based manufacturer, Bridgeport Gun & Implement Co.(BGI), probably a Carruther’s Model cleek, and made ca.1900.

Map of Recreation Ground Links opened on April 12th 1905
The course was opened under very pleasant circumstances on Wednesday, April 12, 1905 when a mixed foursome’s event was played by half a dozen pairs and was won by local monumental mason, James Dudgeon and Barbara Grant, daughter of the Presbyterian Minister.

Shoalhaven News – Saturday 3rd June 1905

The working bee of the Nowra Golf Club did some useful work on the Recreation Ground on Wednesday towards the improvement of the links. Members then played a handicap stroke event which was won by the Albion Hotel licensee, Walter Cambourn with a 70 off the stick and a handicap of 30.

It is not known exactly when the Recreation Ground course was closed down but it appears that it was around 1914, Nowra golfers moved to the Princelands course at South Nowra in 1930.

Princelands Course – South Nowra

A meeting was convened in the School of Arts on 30th April 1930. It was chaired by the Shire President, Dr. F. P. Ryan. Dr. Ryan was elected President of the Nowra Golf Club and Mr. R. Young was elected Secretary. Henry Halloran of a Sydney company, H.F. Halloran and Co., had previously learned that the Golf Club was anxious to acquire suitable land for a links.

He interested himself in the matter and had a property about two miles south of Nowra surveyed, cleared of trees, stumps and undergrowth and offered it to the Club for a lease of 45 pounds per annum. The nine-hole course had sand greens and grass fairways. It was opened for play on Saturday 14th June 1930 by Captain Benson, Commander of the Australian Naval College. Members – 2/6d entrance fee £3.30 per annum Associates – £1.11.6 per annum.

August 1933 a plan was tabled for remodeling the course to eighteen holes.
1933 – Committee investigating and looking at new location.
1934 – Membership approximately 50.
1935 -21st November – Agreement signed with council for Aerodrome course at Nowra Hill.

Shoalhaven Telegraph – Wednesday June18th 1930


The recently formed Nowra Golf Club made a distinct advance by the opening of new links on Saturday afternoon last. The links are situated on the property, about two miles south of Nowra, known as Morison’s. The property was recently acquired by Messrs. H. F. Halloran and Co. and the head of the firm, learning that the Golf Club was anxious to acquire a suitable area for links, interested himself in the matter, had surveys made, the land cleared of trees stumps and undergrowth, and everything placed in order for a nine hole course. The official opening was arranged for Saturday afternoon, when there was a good attendance of ladies and gentlemen from all parts of the district. Captain Benson, commander of the Australian Naval College, was invited to declare the links officially open. The President of the Golf Club, Dr. Ryan, formally took the opportunity of expressing the regret of members and of the public generally at the prospect of losing that gentleman’s services and also the services of the staff through the threatened removal of the R.A.N. to Flinders, at Westernport, in Victoria. The loss of the college would be a serious matter to Nowra and the Shoalhaven district generally. He paid a tribute to the good work done by Mr. Henry Halloran in helping the Club to acquire a suitable golf course. The movement to establish a club started about three years ago with an effort by a few enthusiastic golfers to re-establish the course at the added area of the showground and the recreation ground, but after many weeks of strenuous work in clearing the area the idea of the course there was abandoned. It was then, when matters looked hopeless, that Mr Halloran came on the scene, and offered to provide them with a suitable course. That he had done, and those present could judge of the suitability of the site and the links from their own observation and their play thereon. Captain Benson, on stepping forward to perform the opening ceremony, was greeted with hearty applause. Referring to the game of golf, he said it was a very old sport, indulged in by rich and poor. It was a fine healthy game, gave good exercise, and had many advantages from the social aspect, though he admitted that while play was on there was very little time foe conversation.

The Golf Club should be a great boon to Nowra. The links were conveniently situated, readily accessible, and would , he had no doubt, be largely availed of by residents of the town and district and by many tourists who came along from time to time to see the beauties of the far-famed Shoalhaven scenery After telling a few humorous golf stories, he concluded by officially declaring the links of the Princelands Golf Club officially open, expressing the hope that the Club would have a long and prosperous career, proving a joy to the members and a benefit to Nowra. Dismounting from the temporary stage he drove the first ball.

Mr. E.J. Ashcroft proposed a vote of thanks to Captain Benson for his kindness and courtesy in coming along to perform the opening ceremony. Mr. Halloran then gave some particulars on the work done on the links. At present provision was only made for nine holes, but later eighteen holes could be arranged for, as there was an area of 185 acres available. Messrs. Corry and Cohen, two well-known Sydney golfers, gave an exhibition of the
game as played by experts, and other players and members put their best efforts forth under tuition.

During the afternoon light refreshments were handed round by lady members. The Shoalhaven Telegraph – Wednesday September 5th, 1934

A deputation from the Nowra Golf Club waited on the council on Monday night, and placed before it a proposal to make a golf course on the site of the area recently acquired for an aerodrome – the farm on the east side of Nowra Hill known as Crawford’s. Mr. S. Lovegrove, President of the Golf Club thanked the Council for receiving the deputation. Four members had been appointed to put a case for the “providing of a golf course” at the aerodrome site, but unfortunately two of them could not make it convenient to attend. He and Mr. Eastburn, the club secretary, were representing the golf club. He wished to put before the Council their proposal on behalf of the Nowra Golf Club.

They were asking that the Council should give consideration to the question of making a portion of the aerodrome area available as a golf links. The club suggested that Council should put the links in working order for an 18 hole course and erect a clubhouse, after which the club would take over its control under a lease for a term of years, paying a rental that would meet the cost of the portion so leased and for erection of the clubhouse. He held that it would be a good investment for the Council, a good thing for the club and a good thing for local sport, as also for the town in that it would bring many visiting golfers to Nowra.

If Council gave favorable consideration to the proposal the club would be willing to lease the links and maintain them, signing an agreement that would be satisfactory to the Council. He submitted a surveyed plan showing the proposed site of the links, which would not interfere at all with the aerodrome. The portion required was rough and uneven, not suitable for airplanes landing or taking off, but would be quite suitable for links affording the accommodation required for an 18-hole course.

Mr. Eastburn supplemented the remarks of Mr. Lovejoy, who he said had put the case very clearly and fairly. The Mayor, speaking for himself, said he had already spoken to several members of the Golf Club. It seemed to him that the proposal should receive the interest and support of the Council if it could be financed. It would, he took it, be a decided advantage to the town and to a popular sport, while the rental received would help materially in meeting the interest on the purchase of the aerodrome site.

Council could not at that stage give the deputation a definite answer, but he could assure them that the application would receive the fullest consideration from the aldermen, having full regard to the council’s point of view. He moved that Aldermen Rauch, Watts and Hewlett be a committee to go fully into the matter, and report back to the council. Ald. Aldous seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. Mr. Lovejoy thanked the Council for the courtesy extended to the deputation, which then retired.

Aerodrome Course Nowra Hill (Braidwood Road Course)

Following the decision by the board to leave the Princelands Course at South Nowra a meeting was held with Council to discuss a new links on the farm at Nowra Hill known as Crawfords.

An agreement was signed with council on November 21st, 1935 to rent the land at 1 pound per annum. Also resolved to build a clubhouse – 12foot X 14 room with brick chimney and verandah for not more than 50 pounds. Course architect was Mr. East.

Extract Shoalhaven News 1 June 1935

Nowra Golf Course

(To the Editor)

Sir, — I have been reluctant to write about the matter of the removal of the Nowra Golf Course from its present situation on the Prince’s Highway to the site adjoining the new aerodrome, as it might be said that I was doing so in the interests of the company which owns the land on the Prince’s Highway, because I am its agent. I caused this site to be purchased over five years ago because of representations made to me by several gentlemen of Nowra as to its suitability for a golf course and of the advantages it would be to the town to have a golf course, and the purchasing company paid a much higher price for this special purpose than I would have recommended it to do for subdivision purposes. Regarded as an investment it has been, as anticipated, a very poor one. The main consideration was to provide a golf course and establish golf in the district, and this having been done, I can say that neither myself nor the owning company cares where the golf course is, but will be quite satisfied so long as it serves the best interests of Nowra. Also, unless the company receives more than it has for the last five years (though it does not ask more), it will be better up in having the land free than tied up with a lease of twenty years. But I am far from satisfied with the location of the proposed new course. On the other hand, I feel convinced that if the present intentions are carried out by the Club, a great mistake’ will be made for the reasons hereunder. From newspaper reports, which is all I have to go upon, the reason which has been advanced for removal is that the club desires to have its own links, on which it may spend money for its own advantage. As far as I understand it has not even a twenty years’ lease of the aerodrome site, and is never likely to be able to purchase it from the municipality, while the Prince’s Highway land, being private property, it is always possible to arrange a purchase, and as a fact under its present lease now expiring the club had an option to purchase. I offered the club the area they asked for, more if required (out of the 360 acres available, which is sufficient if necessary for 36 holes or more), on a twenty years’ lease at a rental of £42 per annum or one-third of its revenue, whichever should be be greater. Also, I offered to transfer the club free of cost as a site for a club house the freehold of about an acre of land, so that any improvements built upon it would be the absolute property of the club, and for which it could have obtained a loan at very low interest. Now, the objections I see to the new site are these: —
1. It will he 31/2 miles from Nowra instead of 21/2 miles.
2. The larger proportion of the distance is along an inferior road, instead of the nearly perfect Prince’s Highway.
3. The stream of traffic along the road to the new course is negligible, while the Prince’s Highway is the main avenue for all the traffic through Nowra, with its attendant publicity.
4. That the club house will be on municipal land which the club is never likely to be able to own, instead of on the club’s own freehold land acquired free of cost.
5. That the club is never likely to be able to purchase municipal land and really own its course, though this is always a good possibility with privately owned land.
6. That, its revenue from fees from visitors and non-members will be very small compared with what it is and will be on the Prince’s Highway.
7. That it will not be as good a course or as picturesque as the present course is or could be made.
8. That the tenure is not as secure as a twenty years’ definite lease would be. I have no information as to the respective rents, and so cannot compare them. I am satisfied that for situation, picturesqueness and adaptability for golf, the present Princelands course, with a few alterations in design, cannot be excelled anywhere around Nowra;. and as I am led to believe that a considerable number of golfers do not desire the removal. I would suggest that the opinion of all members should be obtained, either by letter or vote, before it is too late—
Yours, etc ,

April 4th, 1936 – New season commenced on new course.
9 holes – sand greens and grass fairways.
J Eastburn elected first life member for services rendered.
To establish a temporary lavatory – Mr. J. Basha donated hessian and the secretary donated the soil pan.

May 11th, 1936 – The first mention in minutes of a White Horse Cup match.
August 10th, 1936 – Mr. Tom James to act as professional on the links.
December 1936 – First mention of proposed new links site – indication that even at this early date members were looking to the future to establish an 18 hole course with grass greens and a full season in lieu of 9 holes with sand greens and a short season due to uncomfortable summer golf.

July 14th, 1937 – Jervis Bay admitted to the Illawarra Golf Association.
Extract from Shoalhaven News 13 Oct 1937

In extending a welcome to the Mittagong visitors last Sunday, the Nowra captain, Mr. Facer, invited his audience to picture what the links would be like in twelve months’ time. He assured the visitors that Nowra was always very pleased to receive them, and hoped that they had enjoyed the friendly day. Without any fear of contradiction, he could say that this friendliness would continue. Speaking in support of the captain, Mr. Ray Rauch said he would like to apologise for the absence of the President, who was taking part in Country Week competitions. Nowra had always enjoyed the matches with Mitta gong, and he looked forward with pleasure to further meetings. Mr. W. G. Worner feelingly responded by saying that he doubted his ability adequately to express his pleasure at the warmth of the welcome extended by Nowra, He and his team-mates appreciated very much the kindly remarks of the captain and Mr. Rauch. He congratulated the Nowra Club onits courage and initiative shown by the systematic way it had tackled the problem of course construction. Having got the best advice obtainable both as to lay-out and cultivation, it was keeping strictly to that advice, and he was Quite confident that with in a short time Nowra links would compare more than favorably with any in the State. He was sure that such well-planned efforts must be crowned with success. He assured his hosts that he was looking forward to his next visit to Nowra, which would be to the opening of the fine new club house soon to be built. He couid endorse the remarks of the captain regarding the very friendly relations existing between the two clubs, and thanked Nowra most sincerely for a most enjoyable day, which he wouldn’t have missed for a tenner. In conclusion, he wished particularly to thank the Nowra associates for the entertainment at the afternoon tea and for the unaffected friendliness that seemed to be in the air of Nowra. The captain called upon Nowra members to give three cheers for the visitors, and Mittagong returned the compliment, after which all members cheered the associates. The team was entertained at dinner at the Prince of Wales Hotel. ;
September 11th, 1937 – Tender accepted from O. Roulstone to build clubhouse – 657 pounds.
August 17th, 1938 – resolved a poker machine be purchased for a maximum of 30 pounds plus expenses.
1939 – Nowra associates win Nepean Illawarra District Pennants Final
1940 -1950 – there is a gap in records between 1940 and 1950. Although the club remained active only nominal golf was played between 1940 and 1946. Members ranks were thinned and golf balls almost non-existent. During this period the ever-present desire to up-grade the Nowra Golf Club to a full
18 holes with grass greens existed. Shepherd’s property, the gladioli farm and Brown’s Hill sites were all considered but funds to finance same were non-existent.

Extract 13 Mar 1940
The annual meeting of the Nowra Golf Club was held at the school of Arts on Thursday night last. There was an attendance of 15 members and a number of associates, and the President (Mr. J. Morris) was in the chair. The report and financial statements (published in another column) were read.
Moving their adoption, the President said it was pleasing to note how successful last season’s open day had been, reflecting great credit on the organisers and those in control. The entries were so large that the main event had to be cut down from 36 to 27 holes to accommodate all the players. The success of last year’s competitions was largely due to the generosity and keen club spirit of many members who donated trophies for the various events. He hoped that members would again open their hearts and their nurses this season for a good cause. “Whilst on the subject of club spirit,” said Mr. Morris, “I think that it is only right that I should mention the work of both Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rauch. Ray has been particularly unselfish, and Mrs. Rauch has been a leading spirit among our associate members.” Continuing, the President said the club was greatly indebted to the associates for their interest in financing the extension of the electric light to the caretaker’s cottage, and also to those who so willingly did the work. Thanks, were also due to Mr. Matt Wise for servicing the plant. Honor had been brought to the Nowra Golf Club by the ladies for their magnificent win in the Nepean-Illawarra championship. Their keenness to travel and fight for a place in the team set a fine example to the club members. He was pleased also to mention the good work of the social sub-committee, the social evenings held at the club house having been huge successes, and considerably helping the finances. Referring to inter-club visits. Mr. Morris said he would like to see more of those matches, for they undoubtedly increased interest, raised the standard of play, and promoted friendships. But if the club members did not travel, they could not expect visits from other teams. The Illawarra Association, under the presidency of Mr. Eastburn, was doing good work in fostering a friendly rivalry and in obviating clashing of dates for open days. The club captain, Mr. Hopkins, had attended to his duties in a businesslike way, and had brought about a draw which was agreeable to all. Nothing had yet been done to the road to the links, but improvements were hoped for when the aerodrome site -was completed. It was to be regretted that they were losing a good club member and a good auditor by the departure of Mr. Harold Herd, whose removal would be a distinct loss to the club. His successor, Mr. Arthur Booth, had kindly offered his services as auditor. Dr. Thompson had generously offered to provide the club with a championship board, which would be installed in the main club room. The caretaker. Mr. Ron Hollands, had done really good work during the year, surpassing all previous efforts, although his task had been a most unenviable one owing to seasonal conditions. “Inconclusion,” said Mr. Morris, “I have to thank my secretary and committee, for their loyal support and co-operation during the past year, and I cannot omit the excellent service given by Mr. Charlie Carter as treasurer, whose attention to detail has made it easy for your committee to follow and comprehend the financial position of the club from month to month.” Mr. Carter seconded the motion. Dr. Thompson asked what rate of interest was being paid on the overdraft? The President said 5% percent. He did not think the money could be got for less. In answer to another question, the President said there were no outstanding accounts—the club would start the vear with a clean sheet. The motion for the adoption of the reports was carried unanimously.


The election of officers resulted as follows:

  • Patron, Mr. H. McGrath;
  • President, Mr. J. Morris;
  • Senior vice president, Mr. G. Facer;
  • vice-presidents. Messrs. Ray Rauch and Dr.Thompson;
  • hon. secretary, Mr. J. Eastburn;
  • assistant secretary, Mr. K.I Forrester (Mr. Mick Eastburn declining nomination);
  • hon. treasurer, Mr. C. Carter;
  • committee, Messrs. T. W. Sulway, M. Bassingthwaighte, L. Seyffer, JR. Hopkins, M. Oliver. Joe Bashaj and Pat Maguire; auditor, Mr. A. Booth.

Mr. Harold Herd’s resignation as auditor was accepted with regret, and a record of his services to the club was ordered to be placed in the minutes. Mr. Ted Hewlett suggested that the order of playing the championship might be reviewed, and the President said the incoming committee would give that question consideration. The rules were revised, and a number of alterations were made. At the instance of Mr. M. Oliver, it was agreed that in future alterations of rules could only be made after seven days’ written notice had been given. It was also decided that the committee be empowered to deal with all matters not provided for by the rules. Votes of thanks to the retiring auditor and the Press concluded the meeting. Since the year began flax has risen from £100 to £500 a ton. The present war may cause an extensive flax growing industry to be established in

Extract from South Coast times 26 June 1950
Nowra Golf Professional Scores a Hit with Indoor Golf Range

A progressive move for Nowra and one which will directly benefit those interested in this sport, has been established by a Nowra professional. It is a modern indoor golf range, and the man who brought this ingenious method of golf tuition to Nowra is Mr. Tom James. Situated above the premises of S. R. Buttle Pty. Ltd. next to the Nowra Post Office, it involves Climbing a flight of stairs and, meeting a personality, who has the code of good golfing at his fingertips, and, who, as a professional, can give the assurance that lessons made available personally will give the beginner the basic foundation steps to better golf. As one who has watched the game and, fallen backwards in attempting to swing a club at that ever so tiny white ball, I ascertained that in a demonstration lesson from Mr. James, one by following the instructive lessons could adapt themselves quickly to the standard where they could venture onto the playing links. Yes— Mr. James was starting on that very morn I called and after stepping over putters, Nos. 5, 6, and 1 irons and other golf equipment, I then had the general, view and demonstration of -what the everyday beginner would be subjected to. From a driving point one can delightfully hit the ball as hard as desired without fear of a lost ball or a hectic walk to find it. The spacious net provides a barrier and the distance is only a few yards Golf is becoming very popular in the Nowra district. Four miles from the town, the course is considered a good one and that distance from town does not prevent the golfing fraternity from their usual weekend games events and social events which are combined. Mr James certainly has the right idea of the indoor range. Not all beginners and those with a knowledge of golf, and who desire to be tutored by a master have the time to spend a few hours on the green. They can now patronize Mr. James golf rink even when it’s raining and play the game to their hearts content. As for me I’d better revert to marbles. – V.H.
May 1951 – Handicapper Ray Rauch told the meeting his system of handicapping did not appear to be 100% acceptable to the members -and therefore he tendered his resignation as handicapper. It was resolved that his resignation be not accepted, and a vote of confidence be recorded. He withdrew his resignation.

September 1951 – Beer prices increased 9d to 10d per glass.
February 1952 – Donation of Empire Cup for Mixed Opening Day of year

Extract Illawarra Mercury 25 oct 1952

Wollongong, Nowra In Golf Final
Wollongong golfers will travel to Nowra tomorrow to contest the final of the WhiteHorse Cup. Wollongong and Berry are leading in the competition. Wollongong will need to defeat Nowra on their home course to have a chance of taking out the cup. Berry also meet Port Kembla on their home course and must win to have a chance. If Berry and Wollongong are successful it will mean a play-off between the two clubs. Extract Illawarra Mercury 25 oct 1952 Star Golfers Enter for Nowra Purse Several leading Wollongong golfers have entered for the Shoalhaven Festival Golf Purse at the Nowra links next Sunday.| They include Rex and Dick McKay and Bob Muir. Also entered for the tournament are some of Australia’s foremost players, including Eric Cremin who recently won the Professional Purse at Wollongong, and Kel Nagle, former Australian titleholder. English Ryder Cup player, Jimmy Adams South Coast Times 1 Sep 1952 Brothers In Nowra Final 21 year old Geoff Williams beat his elder brother Glen in the Nowra club championship final yesterday. Their father E. J. (Pop)Williams was defeated in tile B grade final. Geoff and Glen were all square at the 18th, but the younger brother played brilliant golf in the first- nine of the afternoon. He had three- birdies and finished with 1 under par 32. He won 5 and 4 but finished off the 18 holes to register a par 66 the best stroke round ever recorded. It could not however be recognised as a course record. Ray Ranch defeated Pop Williams 6 and 5 in the B grade final and Max Perring won the C Grade final defeating John Anderson 8 and 7. Nowra club has decided on a 130 pound professional purse during the Shoalhaven Festival week in October.

The big drawback was lack of finance – this was in the “pre pokies” days and the Golf Club was devoid of funds. Council was receptive to the idea and approaches were made to council’s bank at the time for special funds to finance the 15,000 pounds to purchase the property. The scheme was refused, and other banks were approached – a loan was approved by the Rural Bank to council – provisional that the Shire’s account be transferred to
that bank. Golf course architects were approached and after some doubt whether the property could accommodate 18 holes, Mr. Arthur East inspected the property and reported;
• He could design an 18-hole course.
• The existing course at Braidwood Road was on poor land and a great deal of money could be spent on it without any real advantage gained.
• New site had wonderful potential.
• Value of playing shots on the new course would be comparable to Wollongong.
• Membership would double on new course.
• Members would have to do a lot for themselves to create the new course.

November 23rd, 1953 – special meeting approved the project.

In due course, after much negotiation by a Special Committee, headed by Keith Harris, council accepted the loan offered by the Rural Bank, purchased the property – changed banks – and the task of converting a dairy farm into a golf course was in the hands of the Nowra Golf Club Committee.
The club is extremely grateful for the co-operation given by the Shire President, the late Dr. F. P. Ryan and the Shire Clerk, the late Mr. Bill Batt, for their outstanding efforts to make the course at Grey’s Beach an eventuality, and a subsequent outstanding Shoalhaven District attraction.
Incidentally, Dr. Ryan was also the original President of the Nowra Golf Club.

1954 – The Task Ahead
No funds – but a tremendously enthusiastic, willing group of dedicated committee, members and associates. Money was requested for the course construction and for the conversion of the farmhouse into a clubhouse. Working bees were standard week-end procedure and practically a full season of golf was given up by members to get Grey’s Beach started. In retrospect, the enormity of the task is mind- boggling. Tees, greens, fairways, trees, bunkers, swamp, blackberries, water, soil, ashes, weeds, rough, paths, clubhouse, painting, furniture, liquor, bar, septic, water pipes, drains, flood gates, socials and competitions etc. etc. etc……
Debentures were taken out by members amounting to 4,070 pounds.
The New Course – Work commenced on the site on the 16th February 1954 and on the 18th December the course was opened for play by members and their guests.

“80 trees were planted in accordance with a scheme recommended by Mr. R.J. Rowell” the head of the Ryde Horticultural College wrote several books – one being Ornamental Plants for Australia, (first published in 1970) which is the “bible” for budding horticulturists and garden designers.

The President, Mr. Keith Harris reported; “It is impossible to detail the work performed and the difficulties involved, and it will suffice to say that an 18 hole course has been constructed and difficulties of constructing the clubhouse and at least one green are gradually being surmounted despite lack of water and a dry

The President recorded sincere thanks for the part played by the associates in establishing the new course and amenities.

Membership 247 – 163 members and 84 associates.
The President was Keith Harris, Captain- Glen Williams, Secretary – Alan Davis, Associates President – Mrs. A Shields, Associates Captain Mrs. J Craven.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Jocelyn Craven.
Camping Area – It was interesting to note that “an agreement between the Club and the head greenkeeper was arranged, under which, in his own time, he collected camping fees and attended to the campers needs.”

Extract Illawarra Mercury 6 Jul 1954
Nowra Golf Win Over W’gong
Wollongong Golf Associates went down to Nowra by four matches to one in the N.I.A. matches played at Nowra at the weekend. Results of the opening qualifying round of the Wollongong championships, played last Thursday were:
A grade: Mrs. Robinson (18) 74, Miss Dorahy (5) 75.
B1 grade Mrs Hannington (20) 60 (reduced one stroke) , Mrs. R. Harvey (21) 71.
B2 grade: Mrs. McAlister (29) 71 (reduced one stroke), Mrs. Riordan (30) 72.

1955 – Club membership was 400
Official Opening
The Grey’s Beach Course was officially opened on 19th March 1955 by Mr. E. J. Hyde, the President of the NSW Golf Association, supported by the Shire President Mr. F.S. (Pro) West who had the distinction of hitting the first ball down the centre of the first fairway. In the exhibition matches played during the afternoon, W. Bolger and Glen Williams finished square with H. Hattersly and L. Skinner and F. Phillips and G. Campbell beat L. Wilson and W. Peck 3 & 4.

Shoalhaven Cup – The inaugural Shoalhaven Cup took place the day after the official opening. Some 200 players competed for the trophy, which was donated by an anonymous member.

Membership and income – Both increased rapidly after the official opening. The fields for all competitions were large, thus increasing the duties of the handicapper, the match committee and the starter. The starter was the club’s professional Mr. Peter Porter. The club’s income was three times as great as the previous year and the move to Grey’s beach in 1955 was one that would never be regretted.

1955/1956 – In these years, the club’s President was Keith Harris, Captain, Glen Williams, Associates President, Mrs. A Shields and Captain Mrs. E Ritchie.
Club Champions were N.R. Brown and L. Hickson.
The House Committee comprised G. Cook, C. Craven, A. Lamond, P. Harrison, F. Clarke and J. Anderson.
Nowra Associates win Nepean Illawarra District Pennants Final
During this year, Mr. Freebody, the Manager of the club resigned. The House Committee endeavored to run the club with staff only. Their duties proved to be very heavy, and it was found that the appointment of a manager was imperative to the interests of the club. Mr. G. Hutcheon was appointed as Manager, and the efforts and hard work of the sub-committee and staff received acknowledgement in the Annual Report. Course has flooding of 4.6m in Feb 56

1958 – The President of the club was Fred Porter, Captain F. Clarke, associates President again Mrs. A. Shields and Captain again Mrs. E. Ritchie. Club Champions were Geoff Williams and Mrs. L. Poole.

The membership at the end of 1958 was 361.
The club Professional Mr. Peter Porter, resigned, and acknowledgement was given to the service he had rendered to the club.

Mr. Ned Bate was appointed as Head Greenkeeper, and the staff of four maintained the course for the whole year. Major work was carried out on the 5th green which was rebuilt at low cost due to the assistance of Mr. Clarrie Tetley, who provided the bulldozer and drove it himself. Notable in 1958 was the visit of Gary Player and Norman Von Nida who played an exhibition match.

1959 – The President of the club was Fred Porter and the Captain F. Clarke, associates President was Mrs. A. Shields and there were two Captains – Mrs. A. Forrester and Mrs. S. O’Shea.
The Club Champions were Geoff Williams & S. O’Shea.
The membership for the year ended December 1959 was 350.
Volunteer labour built a new professional shop adjoining the clubhouse.
Floods – During 1959 there were two floods of 4.7m which caused much damage. The course recovered quickly. Head Greenkeeper, Mr. Ned Bates resigned, and Mr. Ron Sharpe was appointed. The filling of the low areas of the course were completed and grass covered the area shortly after. Wollongong Golf Club and Mr. Ken McKay gave valuable help. Mr. A Shields resigned as Secretary Manager. Mr. George Hollands was appointed as Head Barman.

1960 – Club President was again Fred Porter, Captains were Alex Lamond and Terry Breen, associates President was Mrs. A. Shields and Captain Mrs. Margaret McCulloch.
The club champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Gersback.
Membership improved slightly to 380.
Geoff Williams became Champion of Champions and Mr. George Hollands was appointed Secretary Manager.
Judy Gersback had a successful year – she won the Nowra Championship, the Hardiman Memorial Trophy and the Nepean Illawarra Open event.
Mrs. M. Fraser was made a Life Member of the Nepean Illawarra Association when she retired as President after 8 years’ service.

1961 – President again was Fred Porter, and Alex Lamond was Captain, Associates
President was Mrs. M. Fraser and Captain was Mrs. M. McCulloch.
The Club Champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Gersback.
Membership improved to 413.
A year of consolidation – Harry Berwick won the Shoalhaven Cup, Glen Williams and Judy Proctor (Gersback) won the Illawarra Mixed Foursomes. Course has 2 floods of 4.2m in March and November.

1962 – President again was Fred Porter, and the Captains were Alex Lamond and Paul Waters, Associates President again was Mrs. M. Fraser and Captain again Mrs. M. McCulloch. Club Champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
Membership fell back to 405.
New greens were constructed on the 7th and 16th and alterations made to the 6th.
New tees on the 1st, 14th and 16th together with extensions to other tees.

Phil Billings won the Shoalhaven Cup.

1963 – New President was Gordon Cook. Captain was Paul Waters. Associates President, Mrs. M. Fraser and Captain Mrs. M. McCulloch remained unchanged.
Club champions were again Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.

1964 – The new President was Fred Porter, Captain was John Woods. Associates President was Mrs. M. McCulloch and Captain Judy Procter.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Mavis Tetley.
Club membership rose to 540.
Festival of Golf organised to cover the period from Christmas to New Year, and it was a great success. Open events were run each day including 36- and 72-hole events. 48 clubs extending into Victoria, Queensland and all areas of NSW were represented. Among the volunteer workers were Keith Parnell, Dick Proctor and others who worked hard to make the event a success.
The water supply to the course was renewed and the greens showed a marked improvement. The camping area was maintained until the end of the year when Council took control and installed new toilet blocks and showers and relocated roads which made a vast improvement to the area.
Catering for the club was carried out by Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Moulds helped by Mr. K. Parnell. A very successful Club Ball was held in the RSL Hall, and the committee felt that it could become an annual event.
The Associates held a particularly successful year, two of their players, Judy Procter and Joy Moss obtained single figure handicaps.

Club house – Negotiations were still in progress with the Minister for Lands regarding the purchase of approximately one acre on the site of the existing clubhouse, and when finalised plans were going to be made for a new clubhouse.

1965 – President Fred Porter, Captain John Woods. Associates President Mrs. M. McCulloch, Captain Judy Procter.
Membership for the year was 599.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
New greens constructed were the 10th, 13th and 15th.
Judy Procter obtained a state handicap of 5. She was also Nepean Illawarra
Association Champion of Champions.

Early in January 1965 Mr. Tom Lewis, the Minister for Lands visited the course and after his inspection, suggested that a sketch plan be drawn of the proposed building and when it was available, he would arrange for the Metropolitan District surveyor to site the clubhouse in conjunction with the architect.

1966 – President Fred Porter, Captain Arthur Ollerenshaw. Associates President Mrs. C. Miller, Captain Mrs. E. Ritchie.
Club champions were Robert Scheiler and Judy Procter.
Membership increased to 747.
The third Festival of Golf was most successful – due to the hard work by Keith Parnell, Dick Proctor and others.
A very successful Ball was held in The School of Arts.
Club house – Position regarding new clubhouse rather bleak – endeavors to raise finance unsuccessful.

1967 – President Fred Porter, Captain Arthur Ollerenshaw. Associates President, Mrs. C. Miller, Captain Mrs. E. Ritchie.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
Clubhouse – The proposed new clubhouse did not eventuate, although plans were drawn up and tenders called for stage one of the plan. When opened the tender prices were much higher than anticipated and the Committee felt that it was beyond our ability to repay quickly enough to build stage two.
Alternative plans have been investigated and consideration has been given to remodeling and extending the existing premises. At this stage we are endeavoring to have plans for a single storey clubhouse drawn up as this seems to be the best method of getting what is required.

1968 – President Fred Porter, Captain Arthur Ollerenshaw. Associates President Mrs. C. Miller, Captain Mrs. E. Ritchie.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
Clubhouse – As directed at the last AGM in February, a building sub committee was formed to assist with the proposed new building plans. These gentlemen and others put a tremendous amount of effort into the project and the contract was awarded to local contractor Mr. J.A. McCoy. The building has started and is expected to be completed in May 1969.
Secretary Manager Keith Parnell, left and Mr. Mitchell acted in a temporary capacity, pending a new appointment. Mr. J. Eltringham was appointed and Mr. I. Bevan promoted to the position of Bar Manager.
No major work was undertaken – general maintenance to keep the course in first class condition was carried out. New mains were installed in places to boost water supply to some greens. The course suffered during the drought and water restrictions made things difficult. Good rains at the close of the year were a great benefit and the course recovered quickly.

Runner up. country schoolboy champion R. Lamond (Nowra) 73-76 149.
Held at Tully Park December 1968

1969 – President Arthur Dunk, Captain Arthur Ollerenshaw. Associates President Mrs. C. Miller, Captain Mrs. E. Ritchie.
Champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
Clubhouse – 1969 saw the opening of the new clubhouse and praise for the building, its appearance and its facilities has been constant from members and visitors. The building committee who supervised the plan and construction served the community well. As we expected the new clubhouse created additional management problems and several of these have not been resolved.
Lack of continuity of efficient management throughout 1969 has hindered the development of an organisation that would guarantee us maximum benefit from our facilities. The manner in which Members and associates accepted a levy and an
elevation of fees indicates their appreciation of the potential of the club.
Canberra Times 26 Dec 1969
NINE GOLFERS IN SQUAD SYDNEY, Thursday. – Nine country golfers have beenselected to join the metropolitan coaching squad. They are Arthur Boasch, of Mudgee; Robert Lamond Nowra; Kelvin Hcllicr, Canberra; Doug Jeffrey, Tamworth; David Pearce, Wollongong; Trevor Poetschka, Newcastle; Gerard Power, Gundagai; Peter Tilden, Forbes; and John Wightman, Narrabri. Several of the boys have a very good chance of being selected in the NSW junior team to go to Brisbane for the Australian title at Easter. Lamond and Bosch appear certainties.

1970 – President Charles Lavers, Captain Alan Salisbury. Associates President Mrs. E. Ritchie, Captain, Mrs. H. Noble.
Club champions were Robert Lamond and Judy Procter.
1969 / 1970 has not been an easy year for the new committee, but nevertheless by the end of 1970, we were beginning to see daylight and better horizons for the club in the future.
Club members should be very appreciative of the additional work which committee members have had to bear during the last 12 months due mainly to a serious lack of secretarial ability within the club. Our committee has been very appreciative of the efforts of both the greens and house staffs and the continued co-operation of our
Professional, Caterer and Publicity Officer.
The finance committee reported a sound year with satisfactory financial result. There are indications in the financial statements that we ought not be satisfied or complacent, particularly in view of the heavy commitments by way of capital loan repayments and loan interest repayments (totaling approx. $13,000 per annum) plus increases in costs due to basic wage adjustments. Our past year was a heavy one in relation to capital expenditure. It was necessary to replace poker machines, greens mowers, gang mower and install two oil heaters to name the more expensive items.

1971 – President Charles Lavers, Captain Alan Salisbury. Associates President Mrs. E. Ritchie and Captain Mrs. H. Noble.
Club champions were Tony Porter and Judy Procter.
1970 / 1971 year has been one of experimentation coupled with economic and organisational progress which has created a record membership and a more heartening financial outlook for the future. It is opportune to recall that this year saw another serious flood in February which upset our turnovers and in spite of approaches to the Shoalhaven Shire there seems little prospect of flood mitigation taking place, above the northern rock face by Shire authorities. Plans are afoot to employ professional advice in regard to producing a master plan for the foreseeable future for the improvement of our course in various ways.
The past year has been one of consolidation and the control set out has been capably administered by our Secretary Manager, George Devlin.
We were fortunate to be able to arrange a professional exhibition – attendance was not up to expectations, but it certainly was of great value to see top grade players such as Kel Nagle and Frank Phillips on our course.

1972 – President Charles Lavers, Captain Max Lamond. Associates President Mrs. B. Ollerenshaw, Captain Judy Procter.
Club champions were Geoff Williams and Judy Procter.
1971 / 1972 has been a year of consolidation – the storeroom extension to the clubhouse has given the staff the very necessary additional space which promotes good organisation while increasing the lounge area which has given the club more room to cater for outside organisations without inconveniencing members.
We have acquired a professional master plan for the improvement of the course and this plan is available to future committees for implementation as and when both labour and or finance is available.
The Secretary Manager is to be commended on his strict adherence to the budget. His day to day management has done a great deal for the club in maintaining a sound financial position.

1973 – President Fred Jennings, Captain Fred Porter. Associates President Mrs. B. Jennings, Captain Mrs. P Coulthart.
Club champions Tony Porter and Phyl Harrison.
Nowra Associates win Nepean Illawarra District Pennants Final

Although our balance sheet is the best ever, we cannot afford to be complacent. Loan commitments to the bank and the Shire are approximately $8,000 per year and apart from other expenses this year we have installed air conditioning to add to the comfort of the clubhouse. We have made arrangements to pay the outstanding portion of the shire loan of approx. $4,000 which was waived temporarily by council when it was approached in 1971. We are still negotiating with the Council regarding a new lease.

1974 – President Fred Jennings, Captain Fred Porter. Associates President Mrs. B. Jennings, Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart.
Club Champions were Ramsay Hampton and Val Boyd.
Nowra Associates win Nepean Illawarra District Pennants Final
In a year of major decisions, 1974 will be indelibly marked in the history of the club – the year of “The Flood” has been to say the least, interesting.

We have experienced our wettest year ever – green fees for the period March to November were down over $5,000 compared to the same period in 1973. The Board debated at great length on a policy for the club – whether to cut staff and save on club expenditure by curtailing services and endeavor to boost finance and liquidity by attracting functions. After unanimously deciding on the latter, the Board then went ahead with the building extensions including a new adequate and attractive Pro shop. Now that the extensions are complete, everyone is delighted with the result and we look like achieving our aim – as well as providing a most attractive area for members and associates comfort and enjoyment.

Flood – Our greatest blow during the year was when we were hit by the flood. We were indeed fortunate to be able to turn the disaster into an improvement plan with a new drainage system which when finished will enhance our lovely course. The course was an absolute mess when the water receded. We inherited about 9,000 cubic yards of silt and various fairways and the car park. This silt plus a quantity from the Grey’s Beach area was all transported to the lower section of the course under the escarpment and all in all we benefited by placing over 12,000 yards of fill in this low-lying area. At the time we were negotiating with Council for a drainage scheme and with the vast amount of the silt readily available, the work was carried out within the Council’s budget charged against its “Golf Course Subdivision”.

The club was most thankful to the Shire President and the Council for their promptness in reaching the decision to proceed with the scheme put forward. Early in the year we obtained a new lease from Council for a 20-year period.

1975 – President Fred Jennings, Captain Terry Britten. Associates President Mrs. B.
Jennings, Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart.
Club champions John Tetley and Val Boyd.
1975 was a difficult year. With unfavorable weather in February, March and April, a flood in June of 4.9m and the effects of the flood in July, August and September – the fact that we achieved a profit for the year is surprising and commendable.
Course recovery since the flood has been steady – the weather has been reasonably kind to us and the improvement to the fairways has been consistent and growth faster than anticipated. After the peak kikuyu growing season in February and March, we will obtain complete grass coverage of the fairways for the first time since the silt was deposited in 1974 to the lower lying part of the course for the drainage
Nowra Associates win Nepean Illawarra District Pennants Final
Winners 1939, 1956, 1973,1974 and 1975.

1976 – President Bill McGee, Captain Murray Aspinall. Associates President Mrs. H. Aspinall, Captain Mrs. J. Priddle.
Club champions were Stephen Bray and Debbie Jurd.
Eighteen year old Debbie Jurd wins club championship by 24 strokes..
From the management point of view the operation of the club has not been easy. We were again troubled by extended wet weather and flooding in the early part of the year. Course recovery after the flooding was very good and the drainage system has proved to be very effective.
Treasure’s Report – All loan repayments, both capital and interest are up to date and monthly accounts are in order. Trading stocks are at correct levels and are in good condition.
Captain’s Report – This last year has seen more golf played than the previous couple of years due to some degree to somewhat better weather conditions. The course is fast recovering from the ravages of the floods of 4.1m and, although it was felt that we would by now be free of local rules, but due to the amount of recovery work and replacement of watering systems, we have been forced to retain certain unwanted but necessary local rules.
Nowra Open played for first time over 27 holes. Won by Harry Evans of Wollongong. IGA Mixed Foursomes Championships played at Nowra with a record field of 210 (14 clubs)

1977 – President Bill McGee, Captain Murray Aspinall and Dave Diamond.
Associates President Mrs. H. Aspinall, Captain Mrs. J. Priddle.
Club champions were John Tetley and Debbie Jurd.
The year has not been an easy one. We have seen changes in management, which is always, for a time, disruptive but despite the economic times, trading has reflected the solid support we get from a good many of our members and associates.
With another flood and course damage, golfers accepted short courses and local rules with patience and at all times giving support in the way the club needs it most – by playing golf and enjoying the game.
Fairways from the 3rd green to the 7th tee were excavated and contoured to assist drainage. Mattes hole was enlarged to prevent silting of drains.

1978 – President Alan Salisbury, Captain Fred Jennings. Associates President Mrs. B. Jennings and Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart.
Club champions were John Tetley and Debbie Jurd.
Membership was 800.
Bearing in mind the serious effects the March course flooding of 5.3m had on the income for about two months, the Board is pleased to present the balance sheet showing a profit. Even though the profit shown was only a small amount, we must recognise that all the commitments of the club were met, including the payment of about $25,000 on loan, interest and capital repayments. To achieve this break-even situation both the board and management have followed a tight budget and on occasion their desire to implement improvements to the clubhouse and course have been curtailed by finance restrictions.

The weather was kind for a change. The drainage on the 10th and 11th was piped and filled, financed by the Associates – nice work ladies. The surrounds of Mattes hole improved, and general beautification affected in this area.

1979 – President Bill McGee, Captain Fred Jennings. Associates President Mrs. E. Ritchie, Captain Mrs. E. Monaghan.
Club champions were Stephen Bray and Val Boyd.
Membership was 818.
We have finally been able to settle the question of the tenure of the course. You will be aware that the City Council appointed the Board of Directors as a committee by delegation. We record our thanks to the Council and its officers for the enthusiasm of the spirit of co-operation that has and continues between the two bodies.
The club showed a profit of $20,219 for the trading year.
Despite the good figures, capital demands have been heavy, and we have met commitments and have improved our position considerably. The successful
operation of the weekly discos aided the financial result.
Stephen Bray followed up his win in the club championship with an excellent win over Graham Todd Wilson in the IGA” A” grade event after an exciting 4 hole playoff. A full compliment of representative teams for the 1st time. A and B Pennants, White Horse Cup, Sub Juniors and Orchy Shield.

1980 – President Bill McGee, Captain Pat Tober. Associates President Mrs. E Ritchie, Captain Mrs. E Monaghan.
Club champions were John Cheadle and Val Boyd.
Membership was 872.
1980 was a good year for both the sport and the clubhouse.
For the second year, the Board has seen fit to hold annual subs at the existing level and this is in line with the stated policy of providing all the facilities of the club to its members at the lowest economical cost. This year saw a bigger than normal intake of new playing members and if we can maintain this sort of level of intake the club’s growth is assured.
A dry year – the fairways on the 1st, 2nd and 18th and through the lower sections of the course show tremendous improvement. Tees are being improved and a concrete round drain will be extended across the 13th fairway.
John Tetley was runner-up to Steven Lobs (Wollongong) in the Shoalhaven Cup and Greg Thomas won the Nowra Open from Graham Wilson making it an all Nowra affair.

1981– President Bill McGee, Captain Pat Tober. Women’s President Mrs. E Ritchie, Captain Mrs. N. Massingham
Club champions were J. Tetley and Mrs. N. Massingham

1982 President Bill McGee, Captain A. Salisbury. Women’s President Mrs. E Ritchie, Captain Mrs. M. Sawers
Club champions were R. Nicol and Mrs. N. Pratt

1983President Bill McGee, Captain A. Salisbury. Women’s President Mrs. E Ritchie,Captain Mrs. M. Sawers
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson

1984 President Bill McGee, Captain F. Jennings. Women’s President Mrs. B. Jennings, Captain Mrs. J. McCarthy
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. N. Massingham

1985 President Bill McGee, Captain G. Blinkhorn. Women’s President Mrs. B. Jennings/ Mrs. B. Wiley, Captain Mrs. J. McCarthy
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. N. Massingham

1986 President Bill McGee, Captain G. Blinkhorn. Women’s President Mrs. B. Wiley, Captain Mrs. J. McCarthy
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. N. Massingham

1987 President Bill McGee, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. B. Wiley, Captain Mrs. J. McCarthy
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. P. Harrison

1988 President Bill McGee, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. W. Legge, Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart
Club champions were J. Hogben and Mrs. C. Clout

Yet another flood year with river reaching 4.8 meters

Building started on new pro shop, Old pro shop turned into juniors room.

Pro-Am held on 11th and 12th July with $8000 purse sponsored by The State Bank.
Night golf held on Friday night in March.
New motorized golf buggies available for the first time.
Handicapping system introduced, but manual system still run in conjunction.

CANBERRA RAIDERS star centre Mai Meninga might be in for a long stint on the sideline because of a broken arm, but it certainly does not seem to have had any effect on his golf game. The big Queenslander was sighted slamming the ball out of sight on the fairways at the Nowra Golf Club this week as he and other league stars attended a coaching camp. It is reported that Meninga hit a creditable 44 on the front nine before rain set in. Not so lucky was another Raider, Peter Jackson, who was forced into two hours of unexpected training when his car broke down on the return journey. He had to walk back to the nearest town. (He obviously could have done with a new Green Machine.
1989 President Dennis Tipping, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. W. Legge, Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart
Club champions were P. Gilbert and Mrs. P. Harrison
Club Membership 971
John Barnes the club Pro had 4,800 balls in the members accounts, valued at $4800, and requested that members clear their accounts.

1990 President Dennis Tipping, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. W. Legge, Captain Mrs. P. Coulthart
Club champions were J. Tetley and Mrs. P. Harrison
August course suffer major flooding of 4.3 meters yet again. Many days lost to play, composite wet weather introduced.

1991 President Dennis Tipping, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. M. Knaggs, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. P. Harrison
June the course suffers major flooding of 4.3 meters yet again Ben Taylor selected in elite group of Illawarra juniors for coaching camp with Port Kembla Pro Doug Canty.
Graham Limbrick appointed club manager.

1992 President Dennis Tipping, Captain I. Hayes-Williams. Women’s President Mrs. M. Knaggs, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Cottam
Average Comp fields, 200 Saturday, 130 Wednesday’s and 100 Sundays
Greg Cusack, Ben Taylor, Damien Costain and Campbell Hayes-Williams spent a week and Narrabeen Sports academy on dept of education talented athlete program. They had the opportunity to play at Manly, Monash and Pymble courses.
Construction of new 16th green commenced. Members ball accounts in pro shop totaling 8,000 ($30,000), members asked again to redeem balls.

John Tetley won the Nowra Open from Graeme Todd-Wilson
Nowra Associates held very successful open meeting with over 500 rounds over the 3 day event.

1993 President Ian. Hayes-Williams, Captain M. Barrott Women’s President Mrs. M. Knaggs, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. P. Harrison
Our Men won our first Illawarra B pennants since 1975.
Plans drawn up for new 11th green.
Plans ready for clubhouse extension, interior refurbishment and total bar rebuild.
Nowra hosted the Jack Newton foundation championship over 4 days. Nowra had only 2 representatives with Ben Taylor taking out the 17 years age championship plate and Campbell Hayes-Williams runner up in the 16 years. The club received many favorable comments from JNJGF, parents who attended and Jack Newton himself who attended.

1994 President Ian. Hayes-Williams, Captain M. Barrott Women’s President Mrs. M. Knaggs, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and

Memories from Luke Crockford
Robert Allenby came to play in 1994 was on the 15th when he drew the ball in from the road it hit a power line and still dropped in play down the fairway. I think it was Les Wilson who was bellowing out to him that the local rule doesn’t allow that and he wasn’t to fussed
about his remarks.

1995 President Ian. Hayes-Williams, Captain J. Taylor Women’s President Mrs. M. Knaggs, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Cottam

40th anniversary of NGC at present site with special golf events and a birthday dinner on the Saturday night with a 50’s rock and roll night.

After many months of discussion the board met with council regarding a new golf course at Comberton Grange. At the time a developer was proposing a new housing development at Comberton Grange and the opportunity to provide a much needed new golf course for Nowra on a extremely well suited site was to good to miss. Course designer Phil Mundie became involved and drew up a wonderful 18 hole layout. Many members went to look at the site and were very impressed. Unfortunately, the housing development fell through and so did the new course. Worrigee and Shoalhaven Heads have since been constructed.
Nowra Associates Pennants 2 team won their first flag, the first for our ladies since 1969.

1996 President Ian. Hayes-Williams, Captain J. Taylor Women’s President Mrs. C. Williams, Captain Mrs. J. Schefe
Club champions were J. Cheadle and Mrs. J. Cottam

1997 President D. Miles, Captain J. Taylor Women’s President Mrs. C. Williams, Captain Mrs. S. Chalmers
Club champions were P. Adams and Mrs. J. Cottam

1998 President J. Taylor, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. C. Williams, Captain Mrs. S. Chalmers
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Wilkes

1999 President J. Taylor, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. P. Mance, Captain Mrs. S. Chalmers
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and
October course suffers minor flooding 3.5 meters

President J. Taylor, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. P. Mance, Captain Mrs. M. Carey
Club champions were P. Gilbert and Mrs. D. Weeks

2001 President B. Norwood, Captain J. Howsan Women’s President Mrs. J. Ellis, Captain Mrs. M. Carey
Club champions were S. Gamble and Mrs. D. Weeks

2002 President B. Norwood, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. J. Ellis, Captain Mrs. M. Carey
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Miss S. Gardner

2003 President D. Madge, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. J. Ellis, Captain Mrs. B. Howsan
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. C. Bainbrigge

2004 President Ian. Hayes-Williams, Captain R. Schefe Women’s President Mrs. N. Cranston, Captain Mrs. B. Howsan
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. C. Bainbrigge

2005 President Trevor Barrington, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams Women’s President Mrs. N. Cranston, Captain Mrs. B. Howsan
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. C. Bainbrigge
Women’s Golf Nowra 75th Birthday.

2006 President Trevor Barrington, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams Women’s President Mrs. N. Cranston, Captain Mrs. M. Burney
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. C. Bainbrigge

Austar increases price $929 per month, board decides to discontinue

A proposal to supply treated water from the Manildra complex to the golf course was investigated. The proposed route never impacted on the Shoalhaven River bridge, as it was planned to go under the Bomaderry Creek bridge to avoid any conflict with the main bridge(s).

Mr Brian Hanley of the Manildra Group engaged Allen, Price and Associates to carry out an assessment of the proposal. Liaising with local land holders, Council’s Water Department, Integral Energy and RMS, obtaining approvals in principle, culminating with making a Powerpoint presentation to a Council committee meeting, where Council supported the proposal.

The reason the proposal did not proceed was that the golf club would have had to provide on-site storage at the course, because Manildra could not just “turn the pump on” when the golf club needed water. The Club could find a suitable site on course, or room to establish the required storage facility. Sec/man John Tetley goes on extended sick leave Graham Limbrick engaged as temporary Sec/Mgr. with John Tetley on leave

2007 President Trevor Barrington, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams Women’s President Mrs. N. Cranston, Captain Mrs. M. Burney
Club champions were P. Mailo and Mrs. J. Levi
The Treasurer reported a loss for the year of -$183,981.

2008 President G. McVey/W. Carey, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams Women’s President Mrs. M. Jennings, Captain Mrs. M. Burney
Club champions were S. Tauton and Mrs. J. Levi
Michael Walker takes on role of Secretary/Manager
Green Keeper Bryce Russell Resigns Due to ill health, Maurice Snell appointed new head Green keeper
Club has a loss of $93,000

2009 President William Carey, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams Women’s President Mrs. M. Jennings, Captain Mrs. D. Lewis
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Levi

Club investigates if there is bore water on the course as the price of water is now a major concern, unfortunately no suitable water is found.
Finance a major concern, board decides to sell 3 poker machines and with this managed a $18,000 profit

2010 President William Carey, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Levi Captain Mrs. D. Lewis
Club champions were T. Monie and Mrs. J. Levi
First par 3 event run and was a huge success.

2011 President William Carey, Captain Ian. Hayes-Williams and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Levi Captain Mrs. D. Lewis
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Levi

2012 President David Bisiker, Captain Harry Lynas and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Buttle Captain Mrs. D. Lewis
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. P. Merchant

2013 President David Bisiker, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Buttle Captain Mrs. J. Levi
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. J. Levi

2014 President David Bisiker, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Downie Captain Mrs. J. Levi
Club champions were G. Todd-Wilson and Mrs. S. Pinkard
Playing Membership: 466

2015 President David Bisiker, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President Mrs. J. Downie, Captain Mrs. S. Hunter
Club champions were A. Priest and Mrs. P. Merchant
Playing Membership: 508

2016 President David Bisiker, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. J. Buttle Captain Mrs. S. Hunter
Club champions were M. Panopolous and Mrs. S. England
Membership 448 playing members.

During 2016 the winds of change were circling Nowra Golf Club. Following a number of difficult years with poor cash flow the club’s viability was in danger.
Golf was holding its own but the massive administrative costs to run the club, the office, the restaurant and the Pro Shop were starting to be an issue.
The appointment of a new Secretary Manager John Bambury (February 2016) to address this was in vain. Previous responses to the cashflow problem were only short term fixes. The club was now closed on a Monday with only the Pro shop open, Poker machines were sold off, Foot Golf was trialled unsuccessfully and the

Bistro was closed most nights.

2017 President Tony Hunter, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. S. Stephens, Captain Mrs. S. Hunter

A Year of big changes for Nowra Golf Club

Club champions were P. Russell and Mrs. P. Merchant
This has been a long Journey and started with the then President, Mr. David Bisiker prior to November 2016. David and his Board worked with the management of the Bomaderry Bowling Club to progress the amalgamation. At the AGM in 2017 the Board was changed, and Tony Hunter and his Board continued with the amalgamation.
When Garry Wilbraham approached the Board of the Nowra Golf Club about a possible merger the Nowra Golf Club was in severe financial stress and the agreement between the two Boards of the Clubs was that Nowra Golf Club would delete all Management and Administration positions and the Bowling Club would take over the administration of the Golf Club in exchange for a line of credit from the Bowling Club so as to ensure the Golf Club was still operational at the end of the amalgamation process.

Current Management of the Golf Club

Golf Club Manager position and 2 Administration positions were deleted in December 2016 as per the agreement with the Bomaderry Bowling Club Board which resulted in John Bambury, Gwenda Webber and Wendy Wilson ceasing their employment with the Club. The administration of the Golf Club was assumed by the Bowling Club after those staff members departed. The weekly savings from this decision saved the Golf Club a considerable amount of money in the weekly wage bill so ensuring the Club can continue to operate and pay its creditors in a timely manner.

Amalgamation update
The Boards of the Bowling Club and the Golf Club negotiate the contents of the MOU and both Boards agreed and the MOU is put to the members of the Golf Club first and passed by the Golf Club members, it is then put to the members of the Bowling Club

March 2017 MOU signed with the Bowling Club
Summary of Financial results for year ending 29th November 2017
a. This year a loss of -$117,870 before assets written off of $48,427
b. Last year a loss of -$230,209
c. Improvement of $112,339
d. The assets written off were items on the asset register that could not be found, less than $500 or over ten years old.

Apart from the Amalgamation negotiations, change was also taking place on the course. Maurice Snell retired after 28 years as a greenkeeper (8 years as Head Greenkeeper). “Maurie’s” service was recognised at various celebrations attendedby the golfers.

Course Changes
Purchase 10 used electric carts
Purchased greens mower and a spare greens mower
Purchased a fairway mower
Louie Sutherland employed as Greens Superintendent 20th November, 2017
December- Nowra Board is removed and replaced by three sub clubs, Men’s
Women’s and Veterans.

One of the changes implemented by Bomaderry Bowling Club was to close the existing pro shop and move it into the club adjacent to the Bar. This meant that one staff member could run the place at slow times.

Substantial change to board members at Nowra Golf Club.
David Bisiker (outgoing president) was thanked for his work in the preliminary amalgamation discussions. David had served 5 years as president and had commenced informal discussions with Bomaderry Bowling Club prior to the formal proposal.

2018 President Tony Hunter, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. S. Stephens Captain Mrs. J. Brown
Club champions were S. Rice and Mrs. J. Levi

Amalgamation Complete 2018
24 January 2018
First meeting of the Nowra Golf Club Advisory Committee.
The advisory committee was initially made up of the 2017 Nowra Golf Club Board.
Mens Golf Nowra, Womens Golf Nowra and Nowra Vets Golf Association are to operate as Bomaderry Bowling Club sub clubs with their by-laws
approved by Bomaderry Bowling Club. Representation from the sub clubs were invited to join Advisory Committee.
This advisory committee meets every second month.

Aims of the Advisory Committee
1. The financial viability of the golf course
2. The maintenance and improvement of the golf course
3. The attraction of new members
4. Foster the Junior golfers
5. Encourage social play

2019 President Tony Hunter, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. S. Stephens/Mrs. S. Hunter Captain Mrs. J. Brown
Club champions were A. Bradley and Mrs. S. Beazley
Turfing of bunker left side of 4th hole???
Establishment of nursery putting green
18th tee path concrete rat pack

2020 President Kees Quinten, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. A. Boadle Captain Mrs. J. Brown/Mrs. S. Hunter
Club champions were M. Westaway and Mrs. J. Levi

Flood February
Covid Course closed end of March until early April
Play recommenced carefully with temperature checks and restrictions for visitors
Flood August
New greens irrigation system installed
18th Tee garden improvement Bill Carey
Volunteers lunch was a sausage sizzle instead of a sit down banquet. Savings made were put towards a new 2nd hand toro
A hard year with major flooding and the Covid virus struck and the course closed from late march to early May, reopened with new rules regarding rakes in bunkers and not handling the pin, members having temperature checks on entry, but August floods closed us again for a few weeks.

2021 President Kees Quinten, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. A. Boadle Captain Mrs. S. Hunter
Club Champions Josh Francis and Linda Weatherill
Covid continued to cause problems

2022 President Kees Quinten, Captain Collin Lott and Women’s President, Mrs. A. Boadle Captain Mrs. S. Hunter
Louis has the course in the beast condition it has been in for many years then nature strikes.
Floods strike again
Rainfalls Jan 240mm, Feb 190mm, Mar 700mm, Apr 300mm
Course closed for a most of late mar and April, 1st, 2nd and 17th green need reseeding after 3 weeks underwater.

Without a doubt NGC’s proudest boast is the golfing record of our Geoff Williams and Graeme Todd-Wilson
Geoff- from 1949 – 51 times on the championship board – 20 times club champion – 17 times men’s foursomes champion and 16 times mixed foursomes champion.
Graeme, 37 times on the championship boards – 22 times club champion, 10 times men’s foursomes and 5 times mixed foursomes champion.