Welcome back to golf ladies.

It was wonderful to see so many members “champing at the bit” to get back onto our beautiful golf course. Actually it is hard to find the words to describe what a picture it is – the lush green as far as the eyes could see, combined with the changing colours of the foliage and the azure skies that greeted us this morning were magnificent to behold. Congratulations to Louis and the team for all their hard work as there have been many improvements on the course during the break.

It is unfortunate that at this stage we are unable to catch up with everyone, however, the spirits are lifted by by saying hello at a distance.

The rules around the social distancing worked well and congratulations to the Bowling Club for their attention to detail in their organisation and to the staff on duty who were there to guide us through the process. Everything went smoothly and I am sure we all appreciated feeling safe and protected. Thank you everyone for your support.

We need to be at the gate 10 minutes prior to our tee time. This means arriving at the course with extra time to get carts, unpack clubs etc in readiness to go. It is better to be too early than five minutes late at the gate.

Today’s Results

Everyone did well for the first outing after the break. It was a little daunting hitting off for the first time as the confidence has taken a bit of a tumble without being able to at least practice. Congratulations to you all. Keep supporting the club through these different and sometimes difficult times.

Division 1: Cathy Ison 35 points; Sandra England 31 points

Division 2: Lyn Hatton 28 Points (C/B); Sue Stephens 28 points

Division 3: Betty Tucker 27 points; Margaret Ford 26 Points

Ball Rundowns

Sue Hunter 30; Patricia Austin 28; Gloria Davis 28; Angela Boadle 28; Marj Burns 28; Jill Levi 27; Ellen Ryan 26; Linda Trusler 26; Robyn Moore 25; Val Wilson 25.

As we cannot issue vouchers to those who have won,  their winnings will be posted to their club accounts by the BBC office. Hopefully it wont be long before we can use our winnings. Balls won will be accumulated and given out when it is practical to do so.