The eight Monthly Medal rounds that have been played from March through to October this year came to a climax today with the qualifiers from each month playing off in yet another stroke competition to decide the winner of the Gold Medal for 2019. To qualify for this all important and prestigious event members over the three divisions had to have won a Monthly Medal in any month during the year. This competition is not divided into divisions and the winner is the contestant with the best nett score overall.

The extremely gusty wind that prevailed today, provided far from ideal conditions for golf and the below average scores across the board reflected the difficulties that were experienced out on the course.  The wind certainly slicked up the speed on the greens and the presence of a variety of debris around both fairways and greens proved to be a hazard. Conversely, the fairways were also pretty slick and plenty of “run” was to be had if one stuck to the fairways.

However, some are able to overcome such adversities with determined concentration and possibly a little luck thrown in. One such player was Maree MacLean from Division 2 who managed just that with a steady and measured game to produce the best nett score of the day and also to win the 2019 Gold Medal with a tidy 74. Maree attributed her success in both the Championships and the Medal of Medals with the steadying influence of Captain Jenny Brown with whom she played in those rounds.

The general stroke competition was played in three divisions and the results are as follows:

Division 1 – Sandra England 75 (C/B); Sue Hunter 75.

Division 2 – Maree MacLean 74; Jeanette Bright 77.

Division 3 – Di Pritchard 80; Rickie Gilligan 88.

Ball Competition went to 81 nett.


4th – Division 1 Robyn Moore; Division 2 Lyn Hatton; Division 3 Kirsten Themsen.

17th – Division 1 Sue Beazley; Division 2 Maree MacLean; Division 3 Kirsten Themsen.