It was a hard day out on a heavy course today for the Women’s Foursomes Championships. There is still a lot of moisture around but it was fortunate that the recent breezy days have dried things out considerably. The greens were slick and the position of some of the flagsticks presented their own challenges.

The word “foursomes” is often interpreted as “fearsomes” in many a golfer’s mind. The event is a gruelling contest that tests one’s powers of concentration, patience and not to mention recovery skills when many a time one finds oneself in places into which they have never been before. Despite all this the contestants battled through the 36 holes and the results were indicative of the degree of difficulty out there.

Cathy Ison and Linda Weatherill were front runners in the morning round with a lead of seven shots from Jill Levi and Robyn Moore but there were two promising pairs in Sandra England with Jan Buttle and Lyn Hatton and Sue Beazley in close pursuit. The final results would now depend on the form of those leading pairs in the afternoon’s round.

Cathy and Linda played a steady game to maintain their morning lead and claim the Championship for 2021 by six points from Jill Levi and Robyn Moore.

All in all it was a memorable day and the atmosphere in the club house after the game was filled with friendship and laughter as  many a long and funny tale of the day’s experiences were told. President, Angela Boadle reminded us that all that these events become part of our history and that of the club and will be forever remembered and retold.

Well done everyone.


36 Hole Scratch – 1st Cathy Ison and Linda Weatherill (22.5) 97, 102 – 199; 2nd  Jill Levi and Robyn Moore (24.5) 104, 101 – 205.

36 Hole Nett – 1st Di Pritchard and Ellen Ryan 77, 82 – 159; 2nd – Sandra England and Jan Buttle – 81, 81 – 162.

1st 18 Hole Scratch – 1st Lyn Hatton and Sue Beazley 107; 2nd Angela Boadle and Jenny Brown 111.

2nd 18 Hole Scratch – 1st Sue Hunter and Linda Trusler 112; 2nd Val Wilson and Patricia Austin 114.

1st 18 Hole Nett – 1st Sandra Rigney and Anne Newton 82; 2nd Lyn Hatchman and Maree McLean 88.

2nd 18 Hole Nett – 1st Jill Downie and Betty Tucker 95; 2nd Kirsten Themsen and Donna Hewat 97.

* Each team could only win one prize.