The wet weather was a dampener for the spirit and the course for the ladies today with only 17 players persisting to finish the 18 holes. It was a valiant effort for all to even start out as the rain began early, giving absolutely no sign of relenting and then progressively worsening as the holes ticked by.

The plodding through the puddles and the messing about in the mud did not make for good golfing conditions and getting relief from casual water presented its own challenge. “Messing about in boats would have been a better pastime today”.

However, the Captain’s call was that unless the greens became unplayable the competition would continue. As the rain became heavier, the size of the field started to dwindle and only the intrepid “mud runners” hung on in.

It seemed that the mischievous, pesky crows were also deterred by the conditions, but alas, as President Angela was just getting some form to her game on the 15th fairway – alas – crow attack! In one swift coordinated movement, a lone bird was on wet weather watch and collected the ball in mid flight. It continued on towards the river without so much as a taunting toss of the ball, let alone an apologetic look. This is Angela’s fourth donation to the “crow collection” in the past fortnight. She might need to take the warning hooter out onto the course and take action.

It is understandable that the competition did not yield particularly good results in general, however, as always there were a few who shone and produced nett scores in the seventies.

Jill Levi came in with the best score of the day to clinch the Division 1 Monthly Medal and best Scratch score for the Wine Goblet in Division 1. As the rain continued to get heavier, Jill was anxious that the competition might be cancelled and kept in touch with the Captain’s group to make sure that her good form was going to be worth the effort. With steely concentration and a steady stroke, she kept her resolve to record 94 off the stick and a 73 nett – a fantastic effort considering the circumstances. Sue Hunter was relieved to show a return to form after a rather poor showing over recent weeks and as a result was able to claim the runner’s up spot with 99 off the stick and 75 nett.

Val Wilson was once again in the winners’ circle and ticked up her third consecutive Monthly Medal victory in Division 2. Having recently turned a young 80, age is obviously no hindrance to this lady. Val took out the honours in Division 2 winning the Monthly Medal with a creditable 75 nett and the scratch score with 107 and just happened to win the overall putting competition to boot with 29 putts. Great effort and achievement Val.

Another steady performer in Margaret Ford saw her claim the top spot in Division 3 with a nett 80 and scratch score honours with 119 off the stick. Sandra Rigney was the runner up with and 89.

Nearest to the Pin

8th – Division 1 Linda Weatherill; Division 2 Val Wilson;  Division 3 not awarded.

17th – Division 1 Sandra England; Divisions 2 and 3 not awarded.

Scratch Scores

Division 1 – Jill Levi 94

Division 2 – Val Wilson 107

Division 3 Margaret Ford 119

Putting Competition

Val Wilson – 29

Best Nett Score and Wine Goblet Sponsored by Linda Trusler

Jill Levi – 94

Ball Competition

76 – Robyn Moore.

84 – Jenny Brown, Angela Boadle, Lyn Hatton.

85 – Linda Weatherill.