It was another tough day on the course with the wet conditions continuing to hold up the pace of the ball and curtailing the amount of distance one can get from a drive from the tee and shots on the fairway. Staying away from the longer rough areas was an advantage and working out the pace of the greens a definite challenge.

Thankfully the weather was reasonably generous but extremely changeable and as a result there was plenty of pullovers on again and off again with the variations in temperature and then umbrellas up and down again as the showers briefly scudded through. However, the sun managed to peep its way through the cloud cover and at one stage it was down to shirt sleeves only when it was like a summer’s day. Unfortunately, that was short lived.

There are always players who, despite a challenging course, are able to push through and come out at the end with a great result. Consistency comes with persistence in concentration and a calm approach to every shot even if it’s a bad hole.

The results within each of the three divisions were very competitive but the winners came in with decisive leads.

Jill Levi was able to claim her second consecutive medal in Division 1 with a steady game which produced  94 off the stick and a 72 nett score which was the best of the day across the field. Runner up, Robyn Moore wasn’t far behind Jill, taking out the honours with 74 nett.

Returning to the winners’ circle after graduating up to Division 2, Donna Hewat claimed the win with 80 nett, followed by  Lyn Hatton on 83 as runner up.

Ellen Ryan came back to Thursday golf with a flourish. Not only did she manage to claim the top spot in Division 3 with 72 nett, but to also win both nearest to the pins in her division, the best scratch score and then the raffle. What a day it was for Ellen!

Ball Competition

78 nett – Lyn Hatchman, Sue Hunter and Margaret Ford.

79 nett – Sue Beazley.

80 nett – Linda Weatherill.

81 nett – Sandra England and Robyn Lenehan

Nearest to the Pins

8th – Division 1 Linda Weatherill; Division 2 not awarded; Division 3 Ellen Ryan.

16th – Division 1 Robyn Moore; Division 2 Lyn Hatton; Division 3 Ellen Ryan.

Best Scratch Scores

Division 1 Jill Levi (94)

Division 2 Lyn Hatton (113)

Division 3 Ellen Ryan (119)

Putting Competition

Lyn Hatchman 30 putts

Goblet Best Nett Score Sponsored by Linda Trusler

Jill Levi 94