The members were greeted by a peerless winter’s morning which enhanced the absolute beauty and serenity of Nowra Golf Club today. Twenty nine players took to the course with the hope that it was the day that would result in a magical stableford score at last.

However, it proved to be tough out there and there were plenty of grunts and groans to be heard as many a shot missed its intended mark. A score in the mid thirties to forties in a stableford game is the dream but this milestone certainly appears to be unachievable of late. It seems that “thirty is the new forty” now so lowering our expectations for a while should solve our present dilemma.

With this premise in mind we had some very respectable scores returned today with most participants managing to reach the mid to late twenties.

It has been said that Margaret Jennings has a calming influence on her playing partners and Jenny Brown was very happy to be in her company today. Jenny put in a stunning performance to claim the top spot in Division 1 with 33 points and was the clubhouse leader. Sandra England wasn’t far behind (even though she didn’t play with Margaret) and romped into the runner’s up position with a creditable 30 points.

While no one else in the field could crack 30 points, it was a close tussle in the other two divisions with the winners and runners up being decided on count backs in both cases.

Fay Wright made a strong comeback to claim first place in Division 2 with a tidy 29 points. Margaret Jennings played calmly and steadily to give her second place honours with 28 points.

Marj Burns starred in Division 3 also scoring a magic 29 points and Sue Stephens was hot on Marj’s heels with a 28 point result to claim the second place trophy. It must be noted here that today was Sue’s last WGN competition game as she leaves us to play at St Georges Basin. Great to see  you leave us on a winning note Sue. You will be sadly missed and it just wont be the same without you.

Ball Competition

Angela Boadle – 29

Rickie Gilligan and Lyn Hatchman – 28

Gloria Davis – 27

Linda Weatherill, Donna Hewat, Wendy Phillips and Margaret Ford – 25

Seen on the course today, “swanning” around in a shiny blue cart with chauffeur Jill Levi, was our lovely Jeanette Bright. It was fantastic to see how well she has recovered after her very severe illness and ordeal. We applaud your determination Jeanette and look forward to seeing you back playing in the future.

It was a bit of a party atmosphere in the clubhouse after golf today (with physical distancing of course) when we broke out the champagne to farewell Sue, to welcome Jeanette back and to wish Jill Downie a happy birthday. It almost felt like old times.

Next week we will play the July Monthly Medal. Good golfing.