There was a definite winter chill in the air this morning, however, thankfully we managed to escape the early showers to have a clear run through to the afternoon. The weather ran hot and cold along with the golf in many cases but while a good score is always the dream, it seems to rank second place in the current situation. At present we all feel privileged and elated that we can be out there in the fresh air enjoying the most beautiful place in the town – Nowra Golf Club.

Without a doubt you would all have noticed the wonderful improvements in the gardens around the 18th tee. With Bill Carey’s creative expertise in the garden and Jill Levi’s assistance in the planning and procurement of a donation of turf, not to mention the clearing and laying of turf by Peter Rowell and Louis, the area has been transformed into a sight to behold. Whoever thought that in amongst all the rubbish that was  there before, existed some beautiful tiered gardens defined by rocks! Thank you everyone it looks amazing and we can hardly wait to see the azaleas in bloom. Bill continues to work hard on the area making some final touches.

With the further easing of restrictions, we are now able to play in groups of three and four and this will come into effect starting from next Thursday. It will be great to be able to get back into a form of normalcy. We must remain vigilant at all times as the social distancing rules still apply together with not handling the flag sticks and no rakes in the bunkers. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy your golf.

Results Today

The winners in each division will have vouchers paid to club accounts and ball winners will be able to collect accrued balls when things are back to normal.

Division 1: Angela Boadle 35 points (c/b; Jill Levi 35 points.

Division 2: Lyn Hatchman 33 points; Sue Stephens 29 points

Division 3: Margaret Ford 31 points; Betty Tucker 28 points

Ball Competition

Val Wilson 31 ; Di Pritchard 28; Cathy Ison 27; Gloria Davis 27; Jenny Brown 26; Kirsten Themsen 26; Lyn Hatton 26; Marj Burns 26; Marg Jennings 25; Pat Austin 25.