Tuesday 6th October 2020
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 45; Women 21

“A” Medal Norm Levi (17) 39pts
“B” Medal Robin Douglass (25) 40pts cb
“C” Medal – Robert Burney (35) 41pts

Ball to 35pts cb
4th – Stephen Smith 211cm
8th – Denis Mulvihill “Hole in One” + Jackpot
12th – Phil Davis 203cm
16th – Stephen Smith 181cm

Medal Winner – Dot McManus (35) 37pts
R/up – Linda Trusler 35pts cb

Balls to 32pts cb
4th (2nd shot) Donna Hewat 101cm
8th – Sue Hunter 1825cm
12th (2nd shot) Gloria Davis 24cm
16th (2nd shot) Linda Trusler 0cm