Tuesday 21st March 2023
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 33; Women 15

‘A’ Medal – Peter Done (18) 38pts
‘B’ Medal – Bob Martin (26) 39pts
‘C’ Medal – Keith Rosskelly (27) 36pts

Balls to 30pts cb
4th – John Lenehan 420cm
8th – John Lenehan 328cm
12th – Graeme Wearne 740cm
16th – Ken Wills 350cm

Medal Winner – Lyn Hatton (28) 34pts
R/up – Angela Boadle 32pts cb

Balls to 27pts cb.
4th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 15cm
8th – Jenny Brown 300cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Linda Trusler 153cm
16th (2nd shot) Lyn Hatton 54cm