Tuesday 10th August 2021
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 49; Women 24

“A” Medal – Jim McConnell (18) 35pts
“B” Medal – Bruce Brideoake (23) 39pts
“C” Medal – Bill Rigney (30) 35pts

Best Visitor Score: David Pickup (Links Shellcove) (27) 37pts
Balls to 31pts cb
4th – Roger Hardy 352cm
8th – Bruce Brideoake 160cm
12th – Hank Phillips 420cm
16th – Trevor McCarthy 1075cm

Medal Winner – Linda Trusler (29) 36pts
R/up – Shirley Moore (28) 35pts

Balls to 33pts cb
4th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 124cm
8th – Sue Hunter 48cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Jenny Brown 86cm
16th (2nd shot) Linda Trusler 54cm