Tuesday 19th March 2024
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 48; Women 21

A Medal – Roger Hardy (12) 38pts
B Medal – Robin Douglass (26) 36pts
C Medal – David Goodman (30) 33pts

Best Visitor – Brian Carr (Jamberoo) 37pts

Balls to 30pts cb
4th – Micheal Temby 284cm
8th – Norm Levi 290cm + Jackpot
12th – no winner
16th – Ron Reynolds 100cm

A Medal – Lyn Hatchman (27) 32pts
B Medal Kirsten Themsen (37) 31pts

Balls to 24pts cb
4th (D&P) Lynn Ashton 5cm
8th – Lyn Hatton 378cm
12th (D&P) Marjorie Burns 64cm
16th (D&P) Roselyn Poulton 450cm