We’re a well-known community club that caters for darts, fishing, sporting activities and holds a great Charity Bingo.

We have a long and established history in the local region and have developed strong links with the local community, sporting and interest groups.

Our club exists for its members and community.

We host a range of comfortable and modern facilities, delicious dining choices, great promotions, entertainment, and social and community activities.

Wednesday: Open from 12:00 noon*
Thursday to Saturday : Open from 10:00 am*
Sunday: Open from 12:00 pm*
Monday to Tuesday : Closed

*The RSL will close in line with trading conditions on each night.

Location: Bomaderry RSL Club, 5 Bunberra St, Bomaderry, NSW, 2541
Telephone: (02) 4421 4888
Postal Address: Bomaderry Bowling Club, Locked Bag 3008, Nowra NSW 2541

Chinese-Australian Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant is located in the Bomaderry RSL Club, operated by contracted caterers.


Wednesday and Sunday
Dinner 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Thursday to Saturday
Lunch 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Dinner 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
ENTREES Pork Ribs in Plum Sauce 16.30 CHOW MEINS (Crispy Noodles)
Mixed Entree 7.30 Pork Ribs in BBQ Sauce 16.30 King Prawns Chow Mein 17.30
Mini Spring Rolls (6) 7.30 Mongolian Beef 16.30 Combination Chow Mein 17.30
Dim Sims (Steam/Fried)(6) 7.30 Combination Sizzling Sauce 17.30 Braised Chicken Chow Mein 16.30
Satay Lembu (4) 8.30 Beef Sizzling Sauce 16.30 Braised Slice Beef Chow Mein 16.30
Chicken Satay Sticks (4) 8.30 Chicken Sizzling Sauce 16.30 Vegetable Chow Mein 14.30
Calamari Ring 10.50 Penang Noodle 15.30
Prawn Cocktail 9.00 Singapore Noodle 15.30 SWEET & SOUR DISHES
Prawn Cutlets (3) 8.30 Roast Duck Combination 18.30 Sweet & Sour Pork 16.30

Roast Duck with Rice and Steam Vegetables 18.30 Sweet & Sour Combination 17.30
SOUPS Warm King Prawns Salad (Spicy) 17.30 Sweet & Sour Chicken 16.30
Short Soup 7.30 Warm Salt/Pepper Squid Salad 17.30 Sweet & Sour King Prawns 17.30
Long Soup 7.30
Sweet & Fried Fish Pieces 17.30
Sweet Corn & Chicken Soup 7.30 THAI SWEET CHILI DISHES
Curried Jungle Soup 7.30 Thai Sweet Chili King Prawns 17.30 OMELETTE DISHES (served with gravy)
Combination Short Soup 13.30 Thai Sweet Chili Seafood Combination 18.30 King Prawns Omelette 17.30
Combination Long Soup 13.30 Thai Sweet Chili Combination 17.30 Combination Omelette 17.30

Thai Sweet Chili Pork Fritters 16.30 Slice Chicken Omelette 16.30
AUSTRALIA MEALS Thai Chicken 16.30 Vegetable Omelette 14.30
Served with Salad & Chips or Steamed Vegetables & Chips

Steak Diane 23.30 King Prawns in Special Sauce 17.30 Curried Beef & Boiled Rice 16.30
Fillet Steak-Mushroom Sauce 23.30 King Prawns in Garlic Sauce 17.30 Curried Chicken & Boiled Rice 16.30
Fillet Steak 23.30 King Prawns with Cashew Nuts 17.30 Curried King Prawns with Rice 17.30
Chicken Schnitzel 16.30 King Prawns with Vegetables 17.30 Boiled Rice (small) 5.50
Large Fish & Chips 16.30 King Prawns in Curry Sauce 17.30 Boiled Rice (large) 6.50
Small Fish & Chips 13.30
Fried Rice (small) 8.00
Calamari Ring 17.30 CHICKEN DISHES Fried Rice (large) 9.00

Chicken in Special Sauce 16.30 Special Fried Rice (small) 9.00
SPECIALTIES Chicken in Black Bean Sauce 16.30 Special Fried Rice (large) 10.50
Seafood in Bird’s Nest 18.30 Chicken in Curry Sauce 16.30
Combination Bird’s Nest 18.30 Chicken & Chinese Vegetables 16.30 SQUID DISHES
Honey King Prawns 17.30 Chicken with Cashews 16.30 Fried Spicy Squid 16.80
Honey Chicken 16.30 Chicken with Oyster Sauce 16.30 Spicy with Ginger & Shallot 16.80
Special Szechuan Combination Hot Flavour 17.30 Chicken in Garlic Sauce 16.30 Fried Spicy Squid 16.80
Szechuan King Prawns 17.30 Chicken with Ginger & Shallots 16.30
Slice Beef in Szechuan Style 16.30
Szechuan Chicken 16.30 BEEF DISHES Chicken Schnitzel & Chips 9.50
Sate King Prawns 17.30 Slice Beef in Special Sauce $16.30 Fish Pieces & Chips 9.50
Sate Combination 17.30 Beef in Black Bean Sauce $16.30 Chicken Pieces & Chips 9.50
Sate Chicken 16.30 Beef with Cashew Nuts $16.30 Chicken Nuggets (6) & Chips 8.50
Sate Beef 16.30 Beef in Oyster Sauce $16.30 Mini Spring Rolls (3) & Chips 8.50
Boneless Lemon Chicken 16.30 Beef in Curry Sauce $16.30 Dim Sims (3) & Chips 8.50
Beef in Garlic Sauce $16.30 Plate of Chips


We’re fully committed to offering a professional, customer-focused function service to all clients who inquire, book and hold functions at our club. We designed our Functions and Wedding Pack with flexibility in mind so you may choose what best suits you.

Our Functions Coordinator will work closely with you from the inception, providing personalized service, guidance and advice throughout the planning process. Whatever your needs, we can tailor-make your event. We offer versatile set-ups, room layouts, and a comprehensive selection of menus.


  • Three function rooms available accommodating 10 to 400 people
  • Nominal hall hire will apply


Capacity: 350 (Seated), 450 (Standing)
Food Category : Set menu, buffet

Board Room
Capacity: 12 (Seated), 12 (Standing)
Food Category : Cocktail menu, Set menu

Old Dining Room
Capacity: 40 (Seated), 60 (Standing)
Food Category : Cocktail menu, Set menu, Buffet

We would love to host your special day.

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