Enthusiasm was running high, team tactics were being discussed in all corners of the club house and all pairs were busy identifying who was playing for which side as the players were preparing for the shotgun start at 8.30. Bribes and sledging were the order of the day and the President’s team were hoping for a victory to counteract the Captain’s win last year.

An important part of the tactical measures under consideration for each pair was whether to purchase the “Stress Saver Mulligans” prior to the heading off to the tee. Each pair was allowed to buy a maximum of four Mulligans for the match. A Mulligan would enable a player to replay a shot without penalty in the hope of improvement on the second try if things didn’t go to plan .

The tension at the outset was palpable by the time the coins were tossed to decide which pair had the honour of play at the first hole. Each match was decided “hole by hole” until it was at the stage that one team had the advantage or the match was drawn at the end.

The Captain, Jenny Brown was ably assisted by Vice Captain Angela Boadle while the President Sue Hunter paired up with the experience of Vice President, Jill Levi who won the toss. Both pairs for the Captain’s side struggled with the first tee shot, with a Mulligan being put to use from the start. Alas, however, it was to no avail and Sue and Jill gained the advantage from the outset. Jenny and Angela fought on undaunted and the rest of the match was a real tussle with the lead seesawing throughout. The “Presidential Pair” had the upper hand on the 18th tee where they were one hole in the lead and then they managed to win the hole with a flourish to finish 2 up.

This result boded well for the President’s team with three other “Presidential Pairs” also finishing with convincing wins to secure the victory for the President’s side. One match was drawn so the final result was President 4 1/2 to Captain 2 1/2. Well done team.

Match Results

President Team’s                                               Captain’s Team

Sue Hunter and Jill Levi 2 up                        vs    Jenny Brown and Angela Boadle

Barbara Howsan and Jeanette Bright 4/3  vs    Margaret Ford and Marj Burns

Val Wilson and Wendy Phillips                   vs     Margaret Jennings and Di Pritchad 5/3

Sandra England and Des Thornett            vs      Gloria Davis and Linda Trusler Square

Cathy Ison and Patricia Austin                  vs      Colleen Lymbery and Joyce Wallace 7/6

Jill Downie and Ellen Ryan 1 up               vs      Anne Newton and Sandra Rigney

Lyn Hatton and Betty Tucker 4/3            vs      Kirsten Themsen and Michelle Carey


8th – Division 1 Linda Trusler; Division 2 not awarded; Division 3 not awarded.

12th – Division 1 Des Thornett; Division 2 Jeanette Bright; Division 3 Kirsten Themsen.

58 Years Continuous Membership

A feature of the presentation today was the celebration of 58 years of continuous membership for Colleen Lymbery at Nowra Golf Club. Colleen has been a valued member throughout that time, representing the club at Women’s Pennants and many a local tournament. To this day Colleen volunteers at the club regularly, working on the gardens to help with their upkeep. We thank you Colleen for your loyalty and service to Nowra Golf Club. President Sue Hunter presented Colleen with a certificate to mark this occasion with saying that we hope we can continue to enjoy her company and friendship for many years to come.