An early morning fog rolled in off the river creating quite a “pea souper” for the start of the Women’s Club Championships today. One could be forgiven for thinking one was hitting off in Scotland at the Royal and Ancient St Andrews where the scotch mist wanders in from the North Sea. However, for the early players, from the 8th tee it looked as though we were in Uganda as we searched for “gorillas in the mist” on the green and in the surrounding bush. Despite the very dramatic atmosphere that surrounded the course the ladies quickly grasped the reality of the day and set about the task of the stroke round ahead.

With two competitions on the programme for the day, focus and concentration as well as good technique were required to navigate the course that had been dampened by a little rain yesterday. As always, our greens staff had immaculately prepared the fairways and greens and as the weather cleared and the sun shone (only briefly) everything looked fresh and green for our pleasure. Unfortunately, the field was unable to escape the showers and while they weren’t heavy they proved to be a nuisance at most.

In the Monthly Medal competition it was a tight tussle between Gloria Davis and Jill Levi in Division 1. Both scored 72 nett but Gloria nudged Jill into the second spot to claim the medal honours. In the scratch competition it was a different story with Jill winning with 93 off the stick. Linda Weatherill put in a measured performance to claim the runner’s up trophy with 95 off the stick.

Continuing on her winning form, Linda Trusler focused well to come in on top of the Division 2 competition, claiming the medal with 74 nett. Val Wilson, another consistent performer came in with a tidy 76 nett to take out second spot. Both players managed to claim the scratch honours in their division with 104 and 107 respectively.

In Division 3 there was another very close result when playing partners Donna Hewat and Kirsten Themsen battled it out for the top prize. Donna, who has been playing very consistent golf over the past few weeks claimed the victory with a one stroke margin of 73 nett to Kirsten’s 74. This was indeed a wonderful effort by Kirsten who has only just returned to competition after knee surgery. Marj Burns nudged Donna out by one stroke for the scratch prize with 111 off the stick.

Nearest to the Pins

These were played in the two divisions as for the Championships and were sponsored by Bridges Financial Planning:

4th – Division 1 Gloria Davis; Division 2 Lyn Hatton.

12th – Division 1 Jill Levi; Division 2 Val Wilson.

Putting Competition

Jill Levi 28 putts.

Scratch Winners – Division 1 Jill Levi 93; Division 2 Linda Trusler; Division 3 Marj Burns.

Goblet for the Best Nett Score Sponsored by Linda Trusler – Gloria Davis 72

Ball Competition

72 -Linda Weatherill

78 – Marj Burns;Lyn Hatchman; Sue Beazley

79 – Angela Boadle, Jan Buttle, Di Pritchard.

Next week is Round 2 of the Championships. Good luck, have fun and play well if you can.