It was like golf of “yester months” today with the return to playing in groups of three. As a result an almost festive social atmosphere prevailed despite the necessary attention having to be paid to social distancing whilst on the course.

Threatening rain did not dampen the spirits of most of the field and 27 members ventured out to quench their thirst for golf under any circumstances in these times of social isolation. As luck would have it, most of the field were able to complete the round with barely a shower which only lasted for one hole or two – such a small price to pay for the privilege of being out there doing what we love best.

The damp and cooler conditions of late have encouraged the growth of some very unusual and beautiful fungi around the course – hence the photo featured in today’s post. You can see big clumps at the base of trees and in  smaller groups around the fairways. They are very varied and interesting organisms as they are important in creating healthy soil. They spread their mycellium (silky threads) beneath ground level and in so doing increase the resilience of the surrounding plant life. If you have them in your garden it is a sign of healthy soil. It’s best to leave them where you see them and let them do their work.

Now getting back to golf, the overall scores today seemed to be a reflection of the dull weather but there were close results in all divisions. Sandra England prevailed in Division 1 and also managed to attain the best score of the day with 32 points. Cathy Ison, however was hot on her heels to tidy up second place with 31 points.

In Division 2 Sue Stephens showed top form to claim the first spot with 27 points, a sterling effort after having been the “bridesmaid” over the past two competitions. Lyn Hatton claimed second in Division two with a close 25 points.

Di Pritchard is getting back in to the swing putting in a steady performance to grab top honours in Division 3 with a very respectable 31 points. Ellen Ryan wasn’t able to quite match Di’s game but played consistently to finish with the tidy score of 29 points.

Ball Competition

Sue Hunter, Jill Levi and Linda Weatherill 30 points.

Patricia Austin Jenny Brown and Betty Tucker 27 points.

Donna Hewatt 26 points.

Margaret Ford 25 points.

Next week we will be playing on the full course for a Golf NSW and WGN Monthly Medal, there will also be a putting competition.

The eclectic competition will restart from next week and you need to mark any gobblers on the top of the players’ card.

Keep coming and continue to enjoy the golf.