Surrounded on one side by a sparkling river and a backdrop of the verdant escarpment on the other, the Nowra Golf Course was a picture today under the azure cloudless skies. The greens, the fairways and even the rough looked extremely inviting and very conducive to a perfect game.

It was a magic autumn day with a lazy breeze and warm conditions which would have been encouraging for the participants in their pursuit of a successful Monthly Medal round. However, it seems that any held hopes were merely that as the course proved unforgiving for most and difficult even for the experienced player.

As a result the scores were much less than average overall and if you were able to come in with 86 nett or under you were doing well.

Jill Levi starred in Division 1 to record the best score over the three divisions with a 96/77 but hot on her heels was Sue Beazley with a creditable result of 101/79.

Lyn Hatchman played steady golf under the hard conditions to clean up in Division 2 with 107/78. Sue Stephens shows she’s no slouch either when it comes to a stroke round when she finished up with 111/80 and remaining in the winning circle for the third time in as many weeks.

Division 3 was dominated by the strong game of Lyn Hatton who ended up with a tidy 111/79 and Margaret Ford performed well this week to claim the second spot with 123/83.

The best Scratch Scores went to Jill Levi in Division 1 – 96; Division 2 Lyn Hatchman 1 – 107; in Division 3 Lyn Hatton – 111.

The Monthly Goblet sponsored by Linda Trusler for the best nett score goes to Jill Levi with 77 nett.

The Putting Competition was won by Gloria Davis with 29 putts.

Ball Rundown

Jenny Brown 81; Sandra England 83; Wendy Phillips, Sue Hunter 84; Linda Trusler, Margaret Jennings, Angela Boadle 85; Di Pritchard 86.