The final round of the women’s club championships ended in a two way play-off to decide the Club Champion for 2019. The round was played under very warm, favourable conditions which produced some great scores.

The play- off over holes one to three between Jill Levi and Sue Beazley was a great finale to the four weeks of hard stroke play. It was Sue’s first outing in the women’s Championships since her retirement and she kept her nerve steady against her opponent who has been a successful championship winner on numerous occasions in the past.

Jill won the toss and made a very shaky start with her tee shot and subsequent shots while Sue found fine form form the outset to get to the green and take the advantage. From the second tee, Jill hit a blinder but was unlucky to find her ball in the hazard and had to take a penalty. While Sue’s tee shot was not ideal, she was able to recover well to put her next shot just short of the green and finally claim another hole to her credit.

The final hole turned out to be a cliff hanger. Sue had landed her tee shot up the 11th fairway while Jill’s ball was safely on the 3rd. Both managed to get their second shots just short of the green. Sue’s chip shot was short and the gallery held their breath while Jill took her next shot but was unable to take advantage of the situation. This resulted in a tied hole but Sue already had the upper hand and won the play-off. A fitting end to the 2019 Championships.



Division 1 – Jill Levi (17) 93; Sue Beazley (19) 94.

Division 2 – Marj Burns (29) 96; Patricia Austin (26) 98.

Division 3 – Rickie Gilligan (37) 111; Sandra Rigney (32) 113.


Division 1 – Sue Hunter (23) 73; Linda Trusler (24) 74.

Division 2 – Marj Burns (29) 67; Patricia Austin (26) 72.

Division 3 – Rickie Gilligan (37) 74; Margaret Ford (37) 80.

Ball Competition – to 78


4th -Division 1 Gloria Davis; Division 2 Marj Burns; Division 3 Betty Tucker.

17th – Division 1 Sue Beazley; Division 2 Sue Stephens; Division 3 Rickie Gilligan.