Monthly Medal
Visitors from Leura, Gerringong, Kiama, Shoalhaven Heads, Jamberoo, Links Shell Cove & Russell Vale.
Field Women 25 Men 52

Jill Downie (33) 42

Anne Newton (31) 40 c/b

Balls to 32 c/b

Nearest the Pin
4th (2nd Shot) Di Pritchard 39cm
12th (2nd Shot) Marj Burns 102cm
16th (2nd Shot) Linda Trusler 29cm

A Grade Col Armstrong (16) 43
B Grade John Ludewig (19) 41
C Grade Geoff Wilson (27) 34

Best Visitor
David Cotterill (Russell Vale 23) 37

Balls to 33 c/b

Nearest the Pin
4th Tony Hosler 300cm
8th Dennis Davis 95cm + JACKPOT
12th Derek Trusler 105cm
16th Micheal Russell 127cm