Tuesday 6th November 2018
4 Person Best Ball Split 6 Stableford
Field: Men 36; Women 20

1st – Ron Reynolds, Ted Wright, Denis Mulvihill & Keith Rosskelly 87pts

Balls to 84 pts

4th – Trevor McCarthy 905cm
8th – Ron Reynolds 588cm + Jackpot
12th – Ted Wright 72cm
16th – Roger Hardy 272cm

1st – Maree McLean, Lyn Hatchman, Des Thornett & Donna Hewat 91pts

Ball to 79pts c/b

4th (2nd shot) Maree McLean 62cm
8th – Sandra England 1050cm
12th (2nd shot) Joyce Wallace 112cm
16th (2nd shot) Sue Stephens, Joyce Wallace Maree McLean all in the hole.