Tuesday 28th March 2023
Irish Stableford
Field: Men 39; Women 23

1st – Keith Rosskelly (26) 86pts
2nd – Bruce Brideoake (20) 71pts
3rd – Tony Johnston (13) 70pts cb

Balls to 60pts cb
4th – Michael Shanahan 251cm
8th – Trevor McCarthy 310cm + Jackpot
12th – Peter Russell 785cm
16th – Rick Currie 218cm

1st – Sandra England (19) 69pts
R/up – Leanne Robson (34) 68pts

Balls to 54pts cb
4th (2nd shot) Sandra England 66cm
8th – Linda Fuller 485cm
12th (2nd shot) Jill Downie 180cm
16th (2nd shot) Shirley Moore 63cm