Tuesday 22nd June 2021
4BBB Stableford (Final Hen/Cock of the Walk)
Field: Men 43; Women 19

Cock of the Walk:
Tony Hosler & Michael Kable defeated Col Armstrong & Graeme Wearne 3/2

Hen of the Walk:
Betty Tucker & Maree McLean defeated Donna Hewat & Lyn Hatchman 2 up

1st – Kees Quinton & Chris Hatton 45pts
R/up – Bruce Brideoake & John Buttle 42pts

Balls to 38pts cb
4th – Col Armstrong 210cm
8th – Bruce Brideoake 102cm + Jackpot
12th – Michael Kable 457cm
16th – Graeme Wearne 492cm

1st – Jill Levi & Ellen Ryan 45pts

Balls to 33 pts cb
4th (2nd shot) Jan Buttle 88cm
8th – Angela Boadle 440cm
12th (2nd shot) Joyce Wallace 250cm
16th (2nd shot) Lyn Hatchman 30cm