Tuesday 13th June 2023
Single Stableford (Monthly Medal)
Field: Men 42, Women 24

A Medal – Micheal Russell (8) 39pts
B Medal – Graeme Isedale (21) 39pts
C Medal – Richard Brown (40) 45pts

Balls to 33pts cb
4th – Rick Currie 351cm
8th – Stephen O’Neill 248cm
12th – Bob Martin 588cm
16th – Tony Johnston 215cm

A Medal – Jan Buttle (29) 39ptd
B Medal – Di Pritchard (42) 37pts

Ball to 32pts cb
4th (2nd shot) Christine Bright 37cm
8th – Gloria Davis 74cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Gloria Davis 41cm
16th (2nd shot) Jill Levi 6cm