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2 Person Aggregate Stableford
Field: Men 49; Women 21
1st: Norm Levi & Nev Harrison 61pts
R/up: John Ludewig & Kevin Pritchard 67pts
Balls to 62 pts c/b
4th – Bob Jessep (THe Heads) 296cm
8th – Derek Trusler 257cm + Jackpot
12th – Ted Wright 314cm
16th – Norm Levi 352cm
1st: Linda Trusler & Sue Hunter 69pts
Balls to 58pts c/b.
4th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 79cm
8th – Lyn Hatchman 1000cm
12th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 63cm
16th (2nd shot) Linda Trusler 165cm