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July 17
Best 3 Scores from four Stableford.
Field: Men 33; Women 19
1st: Rick Currie, Michael Shanahan, Phil Davis & Phil Reid – 121pts
R/up: John Ludewig, Kevin Pritchard with 2 mystery players – 117pts
Balls to 108pts
4th -Jim McConnell 495cm
8th – John Winspear 410cm + Jackpot
12th – Rick Currie 215cm
16th – Geoff McVey 510cm
1st: Pam Harrison, Jeanna Walsh, Donna Hewatt & Wendy Phillips – 115pts
Balls to 110pts
4th (2nd shot) Wendy Phillips 300cm
8th – Des Thornett 950cm
12th (2nd shot) Donna Hewatt 34cm
16th (2nd shot) Wendy Phillips 219cm