Tuesday 12 March 2019
4BBB Stableford
Field: Men 45; Women 18

1st – Kim Andrews, Graham Napper, David Smith & Michael Temby (Worrigee) 88 pts
R/up- Wally McLaren, Rod Elliott (The Heads), Tony Hosler & Ian Paynter (The Heads) 87 pts

Balls to 84 pts cb.
4th – Michael Kable 446cm
8th – Norm Levi 258cm
12th – Norm Levi 700cm
16th – Kim Andrews 645cm

1st- Angela Boadle & Jenny Brown with 2 Mystery players 81 pts

Balls to 73 pts cb.
4th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 44cm
8th – Jenny Brown 104cm + Jackpot
12th (2nd shot) Angela Boadle 223cm
16th (2nd shot) Jill Levi 190cm